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marble falls

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Name: had to remove
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Hometown: marble falls, tx
Member since: Thu Feb 23, 2012, 04:49 AM
Number of posts: 49,504

About Me

Hand dyer mainly to the quilters market, doll maker, oil painter and teacher, anti-fas, cat owner, anti nuke, ex navy, reasonably good cook, father of three happy successful kids and three happy grand kids. Life is good.

Journal Archives

The World Accordion to Trump ...

Having had my first nasal tube (to drain fluid in my gastro-tract) after my last surgery,...

I am qualified to say, especially because I was co-operating with my procedure, forced feeding by nasal tube is all about torture. Its used not humanely or in an humanitarian process. Its used to modify a behavior to bring about an outcome not in the victims choice or benefit. Its used to manifest an authority's will in the guise of a medical intervention.

Anybody here know of a band from Overland Park(?) called Joeyess and the Truth Lubes?

Do they perform this:

Looking to contact them.

Anybody here know of a band from Overland Park(?) called Joeyess and the Truth Lubes?

Do they perform this:

Because Trumps still here, its time to roll this one out again ...

From the original posting of this on youtube ren years ago:

We're all in this together, folks.

This is a rant about the greed that permeates the American political landscape. In fact the very core of who we are as a nation and a people.

Until we re-regulate our glorious corporate overlords, our condition -the Human Condition- in this country and on this planet remains in the hands of a select group of sociopathic plutocrats that care nothing of their nation and only about their personal fortunes.

Self appointed Masters of the Universe who don't seem to realize that their gene pool has been diminished and dulled by decades of greed, avarice and a sense of entitlement.

All born on 3rd base, swearing they hit a triple.

We Were RIght. They will devour themselves.

My only hope is that the rest of us survive the feast.

Muskegon officer on leave after KKK item found at home


Anderson was cleared in the 2009 fatal shooting of Julius Johnson during a chase in Muskegon. According to FOX 17, investigators said Anderson used all available forms of non-lethal force during a physical struggle before firing the single shot that killed Johnson.


MUSKEGON — The Muskegon Police officer injured in Wednesday’s altercation that led to the
fatal shooting of a 23-year-old Muskegon man

has been unable to provide investigators with details of the incident, authorities said.

“He is not able to be interviewed because of his injuries,” said Michigan State Police Grand Haven Post Commander Lt. David Roesler,
whose post is investigating the incident.

Julius Allen-Ray Johnson, 23, of Muskegon, was shot dead around 1:30 a.m. behind 1705 Pine after a foot chase and confrontation with the 38-year-old Muskegon Police officer. Police said Johnson, a recent parolee, fled from a vehicle during a traffic stop.

Posted by marble falls | Fri Aug 9, 2019, 12:52 PM (2 replies)

Monster: the drink from Hell!

Texas Mounted Officers Apologize For 'Poor Judgment' After Leading Man Behind Horse By Leash

Texas Mounted Officers Apologize For ‘Poor Judgment’ After Leading Man Behind Horse By Leash

The Galveston Police Department issued an official apology for any “unnecessary embarrassment” caused by the incident.

By Josie Harvey



Adrienne Bell, a Democratic candidate running for Congress in Texas’ 14th District, posted the image to Facebook, saying the scene had invoked “anger, disgust and questions from the community.”

In a press release posted on Facebook Monday, the police department identified the suspect as Donald Neely. He was arrested for trespassing on Saturday, and a transportation unit was not immediately available at the time of the arrest so the officers escorted him to the Mounted Patrol Unit staging area in this manner.


Not only is this dehumanizing.... but the fact it’s not on every new channel, on every news article... this country wants more of this. Old white racist people literally run this country.
— Jeffrey Lopez🇩🇴 (@fuckimagorilla) August 6, 2019

Dear @GalvestonPD.

What you did here to this man, Donald Neely, is horrible and unacceptable.

I would say “We need answers,” but nothing you can say would ever justify what you did to this man. Nothing at all. pic.twitter.com/OdVeqrFDcv
— Shaun King (@shaunking) August 6, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words....They wish they could put us back in chains....
— Jacque 🇯🇲🇺🇸 (@Jacque044) August 6, 2019

This is just sickening and uncalled for.

This young black man was put on a leash while handcuffed between two mounted horses in Galveston, Texas.

This invokes painful imagery of slave catchers and runaway enslaved Africans. pic.twitter.com/ZHEmyCYbUE
— zellie (@zellieimani) August 6, 2019

Oh my god. Is that what I think it is? Oh jesus. Please tell me this isnt real. Shameful.
— Mags’ Tweets (@magstweets8) August 6, 2019


Rick Santorum Suggests Unarmed 'Soft Target' Shoppers Tempted El Paso Shooter

Rick Santorum Suggests Unarmed ‘Soft Target’ Shoppers Tempted El Paso Shooter

The former Pennsylvania senator parroted a line often used by gun control opponents — that if everyone is armed, everyone is safer.

By Mary Papenfuss



When CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper asked about the Texas shooting Saturday that killed 20 people, Santorum responded: “So they go after soft targets, that’s exactly right. The whole point is that when you restrict guns to law-abiding people, you make more soft targets.”


Texas is an open-carry state where shoppers could legally have been armed — but the law didn’t have any impact on the Walmart attack. Tapper pointed out to Santorum that alleged gunman Patrick Crusius, 21, did not appear to be deterred by the possibility of any armed shoppers. In addition, it wasn’t likely that a gunman could have easily determined who was armed and who was not to make any decision about a “soft target.”

Santorum, now a conservative CNN commentator, was parroting the narrative of gun control foes who argue that everyone is safer if everyone is armed. He also claimed, without evidence, that in “several” shooting instances this year, armed “law-abiding people actually come, not police ... and stop these things.”

In fact, it was police, not armed civilians, who stopped the attacks in both El Paso and later that night in Dayton, Ohio, where a gunman killed nine people in yet another mass shooting. Last Sunday, police also stopped a mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California that killed two children and an adult.


Rick is just full of Santorum.

Saudi Arabia frees US citizen after nearly two years: report

Source: MSN

Saudi Arabia frees US citizen after nearly two years: report
Zack Budryk

9 hrs ago

Saudi Arabia has freed an American citizen detained for 21 months, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing two friends of the family.

Fitaihi was apparently the only American caught up in a broad sweep conducted by the government in recent years that has resulted in the detention of hundreds, many of them dissidents, critics of the royal family and women's rights activists.

The Times reported that Fitaihi has told a friend he was tortured by security officials in captivity, echoing complaints by relatives of others caught up in the crackdown, who say their relatives have been beaten and blindfolded during interrogations.

Fitaihi was released Wednesday evening and has returned to his family's home in the port city of Jiddah, according to the Times, citing family friend Tarek Abou Ghazala and another friend who spoke on condition of anonymity.

In March, nine Senate Democrats petitioned for Fitaihi's release, along with several other detainees, including human rights lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair and women's rights activists Loujian al-Hathloul and Samar Badawi.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/saudi-arabia-frees-us-citizen-after-nearly-two-years-report/ar-AAFc2Io

Also covered by WaPo

Posted by marble falls | Thu Aug 1, 2019, 11:07 PM (0 replies)
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