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Member since: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 544

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I can't wait to see Donald Trump and Chris Christie debate

It should be great fun to watch.

EDIT: Originally posted in GD-Primaries and locked down. Reposted here.

I cannot wait to see Donald Trump and Chris Christie debate

Should be a great fun to watch.....

Any Dog Trainers here???

I have a 11 mo old large puppy (part lab, part pit, part black mouth cur, part wonder dog - we wonder what she is).

Someone dumped her in a shopping center parking lot and of course sucker here picked her up with the intention of taking her to the humane society the next day. HAH!

ISSUE: She's very good; sweet, gets along with the old cat not a mean bone anywhere and well mannered - EXCEPT when someone comes to the house. Then she gets hyper excited and goes completely batshit crazy. She so good in every other way except this.

She's OVERLY social - loves people!! Most dog training speaks to "anti" social dogs.

What does it take for someone like Cotton or Boehner to finally be held accountable?

Have we crossed the Rubicon where we are no longer a country of laws but of politics. The editorials and talking heads speak of blowback, but that's not enough. These people broke laws. What does it take to finally hold someone responsible for their actions.

I don't know. There is no civil discourse or discussion. Our government is all hyper-partisan politics 24/7.

Question: Can Boehner fill empty boycotting Demo seats with anyone to give the impression...

of a full house.

Just curious....

More good Rx News.....

I refilled a prescription yesterday for Chemotherapy anti-nausea medication. It was $0.56 - 56 CENTS - for a months' supply. I literally started giggling and dug for change in the bottom of my purse.

Thanks Obama!

I don't think the Torturer's should be prosecuted ....

I think they should be subjected (or voluntarily submit) to the same torture and frequency they approved. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfield, John Yoo, Condi Rice - all them. The lot of them are cowards mixed with bravado and small genitalia.

Please can someone tell me what all the hubbub is about Michael Moore?

I've been out of the loop with health issues and checking in, but missed something.....

Can any think of an instance when privatizing or deregulating something benefited the public?

I cannot think of one instance where a entity or business that was regulated and then privatized or deregulated benefited the general public.

"Prejudices are what fools use for reason."

-- Voltaire

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