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Member since: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 07:50 PM
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...is Jon Stewart's description of HRC. I think it is right on point. One does not know where she stands b/c her position constantly changes depending on to whom she is speaking or whether the position is "politically safe" - no the right thing to do - "safe". I think it is why she is described as not trusted or dishonest.

Compare and contrast Bernie's positions over his lifetime. Consistent.

As a over 65 female feminist, I am NOT with her. I will write Bernie's name in if HRC is the nominee.

"Clinton Cash"

This film is going to premiere at Cannes. It's about the Clinton Foundation.

Going to get interesting.


Karl Rove's Dirty Tricks Playbook...

I am so repulsed by the Karl Rovian tactics by the HilBots on social media sites and the dark money in HRC campaign funds them. The HRC and DWS dirty tricks rival those of the Nixon (I know - I was there).

Why hasn't the Harper's article re the Clinton Foundation aka slush fund gained any traction? Does she own the media? I keep hoping for an indictment of HRC or Bubba Bill or DWS for whatever reason.

For gawd sake the KKK and Koch Bros are supporting her. That alone is enough to send me screaming from the polls.

I will NOT vote for her. Ever. Let Trump implode the country b/c otherwise she surely will.

Bill and Hillary

I fully expect this to be sent down into jury oblivion.

Nevertheless, Bill and Hillary Clinton remind me to Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards.

Elections / Voting

* Elections have become big business. Look who is making the money and you'll know who the nominee will be.

* Voters don't decide the nominees; the delegates do.
* The delegates are chosen by the parties and are not bound by primary / caucus results.
* The super-delegates are chosen by DNC. They can choose who to vote before BEFORE the primary / caucus.
* Registered voters can be removed from the rolls without notice or recourse. Even if the lawsuits in NY and AZ are favorably decided, does anyone believe it will it change the result?

* In the general election, it is well known that the software in voting machines can be remotely altered or deleted.
* Paper ballots are dumped or ignored or ballots with "hanging chads" dismissed.

* SCOTUS now has precedent to stop the counting of ballots and choose the winner.

For the first time since 1968 I'm trying to figure out why I should bother to vote for the lesser of two evils. I used to be passionate about voting. Now it seems like a cruel joke.

Would the US be better off broken up into different countries like Europe?

The country has always been diverse. Extreme polarization, however, has descended into complete dysfunction.

There is no bipartisanship for the common good. It's clearly evident in this primary season and can also been seen here on DU. There is more sarcastic snark and jury voting into oblivion than civil discussion.

The South has nothing in common with the any other part of the country. The West Coast has nothing in common with the Mid-West or North East. Hawaii and Alaska have nothing in common with the mainland 48 other than as a strategic location for the military. The upper Mid-West is vastly different from the lower Mid-west. Language in the North East is vastly different from the deep South.

Each region votes their interest vs the common interests of all.

The federal government (especially Congress) has zero positive use whatsoever other than to collect astounding amounts of money to perpetuate the status quo.

Taxes collected at the federal level go into a staggering defense budget to protect or expand corporate interests abroad.

Tax laws are so skewed the wealthy and corporations don't pay into the federal coffers and, therefore, into a defense budget that protects their interests.

Doesn't it make sense that individual states with a commonality should band together? Taxes can be substantially reduced and regional funds spent for common good rather than weaponry.

Just asking...what do you think?

Scandal-free integrity, grace, poise, eloquence, intelligence, kindness & compassion and

a role model family. I already miss the Obamas. I may not have agreed with them, but I was never irate, embarrassed or ashamed that they were the first family of the US.

HEY Hillary Group Supporters....

How do you minimize, rationalize, justify, or excuse:

* Big Dawg Bill's illegal crashing of the polls in Massachusetts? (100K+ signatures to the Sec'ty of state to prosecute!)
* HRC continued friendship with war criminal Kessinger? It took 35 years for SE Asia to recover from his judgment which is exactly what is happening in Libya!
* HRC's accepting money from Wall Street, the NRA, etc.? Now she owes them...what?
* HRC's support of Monsanto? (Sidebar to Cha: you have 1st-hand knowledge of what GMO's are doing to Kauai and Hawaii !)
* The DNC's rigging of the primaries in HRC's favor? It flies in the face of fairness and good faith.
* The “lost” of 600+ votes for Bernie in Virginia?
* The omission of Bernie Sander's from the sample ballot in Chicago?

The list could go on and on. Hillary's actions speak waaay louder than her words. I couldn't justify it and switched my support to Bernie.

I suppose this post will get voted into oblivion by HRC supporters as mean and hurtful, but it's how I feel and what I believe.

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