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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 07:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,747

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This guy is fucking nuts..or cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs...









Agent Orange kills another one...



2 tours in Vietnam, ☠️

The truth shall set you free__

Clinton brought deficit to $0. GW Bush ran it up, pushing debt up trillions through tax cuts & spending. Required raising debt limit in early Obama but GOP pushed toward economic collapse, lying that the debt was Obama's. Then Obama cut deficit by 50%.

Trump pushed deficit up../1
...*in a strong economy* & grew the debt by $7 trillion. Once again, because the GOP massively grew the debt, the debt limit must be raised *to pay for all the old debts.* And once again, the GOP is pretending the debt is Biden's (even though we've been under

Trumpo's budge.../2
...for all of Biden's presidency.) The GOP gets out the credit card, runs up the debt, loses the white house, flops on the couch, hands the bill to the dems, says "We're not paying that, we're not letting you do it either. But if our credit rating gets hurt, it's your fault"../

...this group is the most reckless, immature, shockingly stupid group imaginable. They seem to believe they can play this game of chicken over and over without consequence. Someday they are going to bluff their way over the cliff. And then....interest rates will explode.../

...markets worldwide will collapse. The selloff of treasuries will be horrifying to see. A mid-level European banker spoke to me, deeply confused by what he hears from the GOP. He couldn't understand if they were pretending or if they really didn't understand what the debt....

...was and how it works. "I listen to them and many seem to mix up debts, deficits and budgets. Do they really not know the difference? Is it just an act?" He was horrified when I replied that I could no longer tell, that so many stupid ones had been elected that it was...

...no longer possible to tell who was playing games and who was just fundamentally stupid. I mentioned the Congressman who, back during the last go-round when the GOP took us to the edge of the abyss during Obama, said that the world would not care if we missed an interest..../

...payment by a few days or a week, and I could almost hear the color draining from his face over the phone. "He could not have said that." Yup.

So, will these lunatics actually drive us over the edge? Maybe. Amazing that these idiots would destroy America for Fox News...

...but for God's sake, REMEMBER THIS. This is the SECOND time the GOP has run up trillions in debt from tax cuts, then refused to deal with the bill and threatened to drive a global economic collapse because they thought they could lie about how much their recklessness cost.


We still have time...





If Democrats lose in 22, probably Not….

Follow the Science: Lab Leak Is Most Likely

Follow the Science: Lab Leak Is Most Likely
Not a single intermediary mutation can be found despite the search for such a scapegoat.
Regarding Richard Muller and Steven Quay’s op-ed “Science Closes In on Covid’s Origins” (Oct. 6): In SARS-1 the coronavirus underwent a few muta

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