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Donkees's Journal
Donkees's Journal
February 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders gets Danny DeVito endorsement in 2020 presidential race

Feb. 21, 2019

One of New Jersey's native favorite sons is feeling the Bern.

Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning actor and filmmaker Danny DeVito, an Asbury Park native, took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to endorse Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

"Bernie 2020," DeVito tweeted.

DeVito's tweet followed his re-tweet of a statement by Sanders stating that he is running for president "so that, together, we can create a nation that leads the world in the struggle for economic, racial, social and environmental justice."


February 22, 2019

Sanders has early lead over Warren in battle of the left

The two are heading for a likely collision, but so far they seem intent on avoiding one another.



“I think her influence in the primary is a good one,” Lenchner said. However: “Warren surrounds herself with consultants who are lifers in Washington. … She does not surround herself with people who are activists of movements who get arrested and all of that stuff.”

“I think she is not, at this time, doing the kinds of things that will create a relationship between a grass-roots movement and her primary campaign,” he added.

Sanders, though, has the polling edge right now. A University of Massachusetts Amherst survey released this week found that 20 percent of likely Democratic voters said they would back him if the primary contest were held today, while 9 percent said they would support Warren.

February 22, 2019

Sanders Has an Advantage, and It's Not About Economics

He has put forward a foreign policy vision that pits democratic peoples everywhere against illiberalism at home and abroad.

By Jamelle Bouie
Opinion Columnist

Feb. 21, 2019


What separates him from the pack in this race are his forceful and well-defined foreign policy views — his synthesis of domestic and international concerns. Rather than fight on old, now-crowded ground, he can move to new territory, opening vital conversations about America’s role in the world. He can bring a new set of progressive ideas to the Democratic mainstream and force his opponents to debate them on his terms. In doing so, Sanders could establish himself as the leading candidate for progressive Democrats who want to rebuild the nation’s reputation and influence as much as its economy.

February 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders enlists Ro Khanna for presidential campaign

Joe Garofoli Feb. 21, 2019


Khanna said he will help Sanders frame how Medicare for all and free public-college tuition, two cornerstones of his campaign, will help the tech sector. He will also help Sanders craft policies on how to bring tech jobs to rural parts of America and communities of color, particularly as artificial intelligence looms as a potential replacement for workers in many job sectors.

“We need to explain how AI will change the job market and what policies will be needed to prepare people to create more jobs and opportunities,” Khanna said.

Selling Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism will be difficult in some parts of Silicon Valley, which tends toward libertarianism and is generally skeptical of government’s ability to do anything quickly or efficiently.

Khanna, however, said Sanders can make inroads among tech entrepreneurs in some areas. Health care is one of them — enabling more Americans to enroll in Medicare would lift a huge cost burden from startups in particular, Khanna said.

And free public-college tuition could broaden the job pool for Silicon Valley, Khanna said.

Khanna said he has “total respect” for Harris and Swalwell, but backed Sanders because “he has the most comprehensive policies for what will prepare us for the 21st century.”


February 21, 2019

Give Trump the Bird

February 21, 2019

A Thousand Cuts


Speech: Senator Bernie Sanders Filibuster on Extension of Bush Tax Credits, U.S. Senate Dec. 10, 2010

Music: Michael Galasso, Scene 1

On June 18, 2011 as congress debated the fiscal budget LigoranoReese presented their third ice sculpture Morning In America in the garden of Jim Kempner Fine Art in New York City.

…A THOUSAND CUTS is the time-lapse video of the Middle Class’ disappearance. Over 60,000 people have seen it on the internet. Senator Bernie Sanders featured it on his Senate website and Rachel Maddow reported on it.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ 8-hour Senate floor filibuster against the Bush tax cuts punctuates the disintegration of the middle class sculpture, orchestrated to music by composer/violinist Michael Galasso.

The artists reinstalled the sculpture during the 2012 conventions in public parks in Tampa and Charlotte.

… politics, in addition to being the form that government takes, is also a form of theater (as if we’d ever forgotten). Artists making smart work about politics understand this — it’s why Ligorano/Reese’s massive melting ice sculpture of the words “middle class” is improbably effective, at least when recorded and paired with a rousing speech by Bernie Sanders: because the artists turn the showmanship of politics into critique.
– Jilian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic

Special Thanks
Dru Arstark, Anthony Caputo, Jim Kempner, Dan Walworth, Okamoto Studio, Postworks NY

The entire text of Senator Sanders speech is available as a book, published by Nation Books, The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class.

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