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Robert Reich: Happy birthday, my dear friend. You are a force.

Bernie Sanders has inspired and galvanized a new generation of young Americans who will create the progressive change we so desperately need in a country riddled with inequality and division.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. You are a force.


🎂 Happy Birthday Bernie Sanders 🎉

'How to Talk About Freedom During a Pandemic'

How to Talk About Freedom During a Pandemic
Anti-stay-at-home protesters aren’t the only ones with an argument based on individual rights on their side.

By Graham Mooney
MAY 19, 2020


In the 19th century, public-health officials weren’t facing just one infectious disease, but many: scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhus, cholera, tuberculosis, and smallpox, which together killed tens of thousands every year. Epidemics were common, and doctors could do almost nothing to stop them... Over decades, a group of pioneering scientists, doctors, and government officials realized that isolation, disinfection, contact tracing, and other now-familiar public-health strategies had the potential to decrease the spread of many diseases. Scientists such as Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur developed the germ theory of disease, which showed that infectious illness was caused by microbes passed from person to person. This idea provided more evidence for the measures advocated by the reformers.

But, just as today, a significant minority strongly resisted, arguing that these measures impinged on their freedom. For instance, in 1890,16,000 people in Nottingham signed a petition against mandatory hospitalization for those sick with infectious diseases. The petition described isolation in the hospital as a "prison [that] deprives us of our right to nurse our sick and claim our dead." Sometimes resistance to such measures became violent: During a cholera epidemic in 1832, riots broke out in Liverpool and other English cities when people rebelled against doctors’ attempts to move patients from their homes to hospitals. Widespread rumors claimed that these patients would be killed and their bodies dissected for medical research.

In response to these vehement appeals to individual freedom, public-health leaders in London, Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere developed a powerful counterargument. They too framed their argument in terms of freedom—freedom from disease. To protect citizens’ right to be free from disease, in their view, governments and officials needed the authority to isolate those who were sick, vaccinate people, and take other steps to reduce the risk of infectious disease.

One of the most important reformers was George Buchanan, the chief medical officer for England from 1879 to 1892. He argued that cities and towns had the authority to take necessary steps to ensure the communal “sanitary welfare.” He and other reformers based their arguments on an idea developed by the 19th-century English philosopher John Stuart Mill, who is, ironically, remembered largely as a staunch defender of individual liberty. Mill articulated what he called the “harm principle,” which asserts that while individual liberty is sacrosanct, it should be limited when it will harm others: “The sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty and action of any of their number, is self-protection,” Mill wrote in On Liberty in 1859. Public-health reformers argued that the harm principle gave them the authority to pursue their aims.

An essay published in The Lancet in 1883 sums up this view nicely: “We cannot see that there is any undue violation of personal liberty in the sanitary authority acting for the whole community, requiring to be informed of the existence of diseases dangerous to others. A man’s liberty is not to involve risk to others,” the author wrote. “A man with smallpox has the natural liberty to travel in a cab or an omnibus; but society has a right that overrides his natural liberty, and says he shall not.”



The Ashes

You were carried here by hands
and now the wind has you, gritty
as incense, dark sparkles borne

in the shape of blowing,
this great atmospheric bloom,
spinning under the bridge and expanding—

shape of wind and its pattern
of shattering. Having sloughed off
the urn's temporary shape,

there is another of you now—
tell me which to speak to:
the one you were, or are, the one who waited

in the ashes for this scattering, or the one
now added to the already haunted woods,
the woods that sigh and shift their leaves—

where your mystery billows, then breathes.

Rosebud Sioux Nation Burial Honors for Children disinterred at Carlisle



At the burial of the 9 Lakota youth disinterred from Carlisle Indian Boarding School in Pennsylvania brought back home to their Rosebud Sioux homelands and buried with honour. Brandi Morin@Songstress28

The youth have been covered by Grandmother Earth now
Brandi Morin@Songstress28

Sen. Sanders: I Am Calling For An Immediate Cease-Fire In Gaza

Sanders to Block Destructive Republican Resolution on Israel-Palestine, Offer Alternative
May 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, May 19 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday will take to the floor of the U.S. Senate to block a destructive resolution on the conflict in Israel and Palestine, and offer an alternative in its place.

Following the failure of the Republican motion, Sanders will ask for unanimous consent that the Senate adopt the following resolution:

Whereas every Palestinian life matters; and

Whereas every Israeli life matters:

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) urges an immediate cease-fire to prevent—
(A) any further loss of life; and
(B) further escalation of conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories; and
(2) supports diplomatic efforts—
(A) to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
(B) to uphold international law; and
(C) to protect the human rights of Israelis and Palestinians.

Senator Sanders - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Apr 29, 2021

Senator Bernie Sanders returns to A Late Show during our LIVE show to give his thoughts about President Biden's address to Congress and his urgent desire to take action on climate change with or without Republican support.

Apr 29, 2021

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks frankly about the challenges of balancing a divided Senate, and how difficult it is to work with members who continue to spread the "big lie" about the 2020 election results.

'Extraordinary': Bernie Sanders Welcomes McConnell's 'Concerns' On Corporations - All In - MSNBC

Apr 5, 2021

“After a trillion dollars of tax breaks for large corporations, lowering the corporate tax break, after protecting the pharmaceutical industry…Mitch McConnell and his friends are very upset,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders on McConnell denouncing corporations amid Georgia voting law backlash. Aired on 04/05/2021.

Bernie Sanders: The rich-poor gap in America is obscene. So let's fix it - here's how

Mon 29 Mar 2021


If income inequality had not skyrocketed over the past four decades and had simply stayed static, the average worker in America would be earning $42,000 more in income each year. Instead, as corporate chief executives now make over 300 times more than their average employees, the average American worker now earns $32 a week less than he or she did 48 years ago – after adjusting for inflation. In other words, despite huge increases in technology and productivity, ordinary workers are actually losing ground.

Addressing income and wealth and inequality will not be easy, because we will be taking on some of the most powerful and well-financed entities in the country, including Wall Street, the health insurance industry, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry and the military-industrial-complex. But it must be done. Here is some of what Congress and the president can do in the very near future.

We must raise the minimum wage from the current starvation wage of $7.25 an hour to a living wage of at least $15 an hour. A job should lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. We need to make it easier, not harder, for workers to join unions. The massive increase in wealth and income inequality can be directly linked to the decline in union membership in America. And yes. We need to make the wealthiest people and most profitable corporations in America start paying their fair share of taxes.

Growing income and wealth inequality is not just an economic issue. It touches the very foundation of American democracy. If the very rich become much richer while millions of working people see their standard of living continue to decline, faith in government and our democratic institutions will wither and support for authoritarianism will increase. We cannot let that happen.


"I am once again asking you for a bigger excavator." - BernieAtSuez

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