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Dee Sniders Standing Rock Music Video So What (UNCENSORED)

Published on Dec 7, 2016
This music video documents the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest at Standing Rock. While capturing the police brutality and human rights violations against peaceful Water Protectors, the filmmakers were tear gassed, targeted and shot with rubber bullets in an unconstitutional suppression of free press.

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Download the song: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/artis...

Artist: Dee Snider
Album: We Are The Ones
Song: So What

Director: Cody Blue Snider (@CodyBlueSnider)
Cinematographer: Alexander Chinnici
Editor: Justin Ho
Producer: John Curtis
Co-Producer: Ian Blair
Executive Producer: Ernesto Avina
Executive Producer: Damon Ranger
Production Company: Diktator
Stedi Cam Operator/AC: Matt Digregorio
AC/Key Grip: Zack Sainz

Special thanks to The American Indian Movement, Graywolf, Pony, the Indgenouse People and Water Protectors everywhere.

@NoiseyMusic @deesnider


Photos: Forgiveness Ceremony Unites Veterans And Natives At Standing Rock Casino

Salon published Clark’s apology to the Natives, which read as follows:

Many of us, me particularly, are from the units that have hurt you over the many years. We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faced of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you. We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.

This was a historically symbolic gesture forgiving centuries of oppression against Natives and honoring their partnership in defending the land from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Chief Leonard Crow Dog offered forgiveness and urged for world peace, responding that “we do not own the land, the land owns us.”


Bernie Sanders 11-4-2016 at South Omaha Metro Community College - Blankets of Life

Published on Nov 4, 2016
Bernie being thanked by the Native Indian community with blankets of life. Hundreds were inside tonight to see him speak & hundreds could not get in.
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