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Member since: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 09:51 AM
Number of posts: 28,035

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🔥 PART 2 - Sen. Sanders Q&A Islamic Society of North America Convention

I'm a boxing fan, but that's not the only reason why Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine.


🔥 Houston Muslim Community Grassroots Fundraiser

Scheduled for Aug 31, 2019
Today we recognize and affirm the Muslim community. We must stand together to defeat Trump's demagoguery and ensure that America is a welcoming and safe nation for all. That is what this campaign is about. We are going to win because we have an unprecedented grassroots movement of millions of working people who share a vision of equality and prosperity for all.

Donate now: http://live.berniesanders.com/

Press Release: Sanders: ''No family in America should be financially ruined by medical debt''

Bernie 2020 Demands Retraction of Inaccurate WashPost "Fact Check" On Medical Bankruptcy

A letter to Washington Post editor Marty Baron details the newspaper's repeated inaccurate criticism of the Vermont senator

In the last two months, the Washington Post has published three factually inaccurate “fact check” articles about Bernie Sanders — and despite being publicly ridiculed for these articles, the newspaper has never issued a correction or retraction. The latest example is the most egregious — in its zealous attempt to criticize Bernie, the newspaper ended up promoting inaccurate information that wrongly defamed the work of a well-respected academic researcher. The Bernie 2020 campaign today sent a letter to Washington Post editor Marty Baron demanding a full retraction of the story. That letter is here:


The Washington Post says it adheres to the highest journalistic standards of objectivity, fairness and accuracy. If that is the case, why does the Post’s editorial leadership allow the Fact Checker to regularly, baselessly disparage Senator Sanders with smears that are demonstrably inaccurate? And why has the Post’s editorial leadership not corrected or retracted these smears when they are proven false?

We hope that you will address the Fact Checker’s inappropriate coverage of Senator Sanders -- first by immediately retracting this most recent piece, and then by committing the newspaper to covering Senator Sanders in a fair, professional and ethical manner that finally starts honoring the most basic standards of accuracy.

We look forward to hearing your immediate response to this request.


Warren Gunnels

Senior Advisor, Bernie 2020


🔥 PART 1 and 2 - Bernie Sanders Addresses Islamic Society of North America Convention

Scheduled for Aug 31, 2019
Donate now: http://live.berniesanders.com/

Bernie Sanders addresses the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention.

CNN - Bernie Sanders teases plan to eliminate billions in medical debt

Updated 8:09 AM ET, Sat August 31, 2019


Florence, South Carolina (CNN)Sen. Bernie Sanders announced late Friday that he plans to eliminate billions in medical debt, hinting at a proposal the 2020 presidential Democratic candidate's campaign has yet to release in full.

The plan, which the Sanders campaign says would cancel $81 billion in existing past-due medical debt and make changes to the 2005 bankruptcy bill, is not expected to be released in its entirety for another month. The proposal -- which is still in the works, separate from the senator's "Medicare for All" plan and meant to address debt under the current system -- does not explicitly state how Sanders will eliminate medical debt, but says, "under this plan, the federal government will negotiate and pay off past-due medical bills in collection that have been reported to credit agencies."

Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir told CNN on Friday that "Sen. Sanders had previously asked us to pull together a plan to finally end the crisis of medical debt, and when asked directly about it tonight he was honest and candid in previewing his thinking on this important matter."

The outline explains that the full plan will address the components of the 2005 bankruptcy bill that "made it much more difficult to discharge medical debt" and "trapped families with medical debt in long-term poverty." It also promises to "make sure that no one's credit score is negatively impacted by unpaid medical bills."

Later Friday, Sanders elaborated on his thinking while speaking with reporters at a nearby street party following the town hall.


NEW: In South Carolina tonight, ⁦ Bernie Sanders ⁩ teases a forthcoming policy proposal.


More Family Farms, Not More Factory Farms


🔥 Medicare For All Town Hall - Florence, SC

Scheduled for Aug 30, 2019
At least half a million Americans are going bankrupt each year from the cost of medical bills. We will transform our corporate-run health care system and end this crisis. The American people want the savings and stability that only Medicare for All will deliver.

Donate today at https://live.berniesanders.com/
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