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Member since: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 04:12 PM
Number of posts: 950

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Iz about internetz kittehs - Tartar Sauce, Simon's Cat, Henri... Read plz...


Many links at end of article... [/IMG][/URL]


Inquiring minds want to know what the retiring Pope will eat for breakfast...

Omigosh ! Thank you for another heart ! Since...

I am a newbie, I much appreciate it.

Is there an explanation of all the abbreviations and DU icons located somewhere on the DU site ? nt

How do I use imgur.com to post an animated emoticon ? When I use "direct link" the emoticon ...

appears but is not animated. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Omigosh ! A heart ! Thank you from the bottom of mine ! nt

One Second After by William R. Forstchen... the ultimate power outtage...

This book is very believable. You will think about it long after you finish reading it.


In this entertaining apocalyptic thriller from Forstchen (We Look Like Men of War), a high-altitude nuclear bomb of uncertain origin explodes, unleashing a deadly electromagnetic pulse that instantly disables almost every electrical device in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Airplanes, most cars, cellphones, refrigerators—all are fried as the country plunges into literal and metaphoric darkness. History professor John Matherson, who lives with his two daughters in a small North Carolina town, soon figures out what has happened. Aided by local officials, Matherson begins to deal with such long-term effects of the disaster as starvation, disease and roving gangs of barbarians. While the material sometimes threatens to veer into jingoism, and heartstrings are tugged a little too vigorously, fans of such classics as Alas, Babylon and On the Beachwill have a good time as Forstchen tackles the obvious and some not-so-obvious questions the apocalypse tends to raise.

The old saying goes, "A son's a son 'til he takes a wife. A daughter's a daughter the rest of...

...her life. "

As the mother of three grown sons, I have to agree. What's your experience ?

I love and admire Prez Obama. I really don't care to see him with a gun . I just don't. I know...

Don't look.

But Prez Obama and a gun, at this point, just seems out of kilter. Anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable? I'm just so weary of the gun thing in general.
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