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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,290

Journal Archives

The initial offer of 1.6 Bn should go down 10%

everyday the shutdown goes on. Keep that descending number on the Faux News so the Shitgibbon can't miss it.

Home Alone (Drumpt in the WH) Version

The problem is the burglars played by Putin and his commissars have already ransacked the house.

Hands to both sides of my face in horror.

Holiday Optics

Furloughed Fed employees.

Shitgibbon playing golf.

In Helsinki I remember Shitgibbon getting a soccer ball from Pal Putin.

The return gift must have been a U.S. retreat from Syria.

The judge to Flynn, "you sold your country out."

If Shitgibbon is still running in 2020 the judge's line, "you sold your country out," should be the only refrain from from the Dem candidate at all times.

Maybe the M$M will catch on. Not sure about that though.

Encounter with Drumpt Zombie

I had an Army tee on today. A woman approached
me and we began talking about the military. She finally said how she thought it was great how we now have a President who supports the military.

I then asked who how does that statement go with his avoidance of the draft during Vietnam? She looked kind of dumbstruck. I must have contradicted her Faux news IV.

The Orange Shitgibbon calling on Russian Spy for a question

This clip should be on a permanent loop in the M$M. Probably not.

Mueller probably has it as a screen saver.

Highest BA by a World Series team.


NY Yankees


Oh. They lost to the Pirates. Thanks Bill!!

The rethug script which says

leave Drumptís alone because the economy is fine is actually a rebranding of the fascist line he keeps the trains running on time.

Dude with much coin.

In line today behind a guy who paid for ten dollars in goods with entire pocket full of change. Not even many quarters.

Lest you think it was a poverty issue, he walked out of the store and climbed into a $50,000 truck.

Maybe the payment caused him to break his piggy bank.

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