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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,300

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Given the vast majority of Dems support the President's Build Back Better plan

and despite that, it might fail, elections don't have consequences.

It seems clear MAGA leaders, with their policies, are


So much for their "culture of life."

Down the road the Reich Wing

will use the tepid discussions by Dems to alter the filibuster as justification for them to change it.

Refer to Dems change on votes for judges to the Reich Wing using that to change SCOTUS votes.

On this date in 1960

Teddy Ballgame hit a HR in his final AB.

Ok. Go pound sand Reich Wing.

I retch when I hear the MAGA Senators extol the virtues of Veterans while supporting a government shutdown that will prevent the troops from being paid.

Vile scumbags all.

Hey head of Instagram Dude spinning on NBC interview

My guess is you are a multi-millionaire.

Try wearing socks.

Tis the season

for the reappearance of "payfors."

That detestable phrase only appears when Dems want to do anything.

Given current proposed MAGA rules about the power of non-Presidents,

any inquiry by my wife I don't like, (why did you forget that at the store, or why are your shoes in the hallway) I will claim Executive Privilege.

I took note.

While walking today I saw graffiti that said:

"Imprison the willful unvaccinated."

People are pissed.


The Orange Blob tried to rig the 2020 election with sham SCOTUS judges. "His judges" said no.


The Orange Blob tried to rig the Frauditt in AZ with his ass kissers.


You are the biggest loser if you rig something and still lose. That's MAGA Talent.
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