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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:17 PM
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Next debate: 10/9. What is Trump's campaign's way forward to next debate?

Can Trump be any different than he was this time?

How can they make sure he just won't go off the rails again?

I don't think that personal attacks worked for him this time, whether it was Rosie O'Donnell or Miss Universe, so I think going low would be a disaster.

Trump can't help it . . .but those who enabled him deserve to have their names attached to every

debate video clip as they are played and replayed . . .

Reince, Ryan, Ivanka, it isn't the game you think it is . . .take your toy and go home . . .

How to prevent Trump from taking over debate.

With the present plan, Clinton will spend her time fact checking Trump and not getting her own ideas out there.

A better way is to have the questions given to the candidates before hand and there are strict time limits for the answers and rebuts. Each candidate can decide how much time to spend on their own ideas or opponent's.
. The questions are the same for each and should cover major issuess.


How does your plan differ from your opponent?

How will you balance your budget?

What civil rights areas are you interested in protecting?

Candidate 1 speaks, candidate 2 speaks, candidate rebuts, candidate 2 rebuts.

Is there anything in WI John Doe documents that is criminal?

Judges' refusal to recuse themselves?

Walker telling donors to give to the PAC?

Or is further investigation necessary?
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