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Member since: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Lies about Ronald Reagan

1. Lowered taxes. (Not true Reagan RAISED taxes by 11% 7 out of his 8 years as president. He is the only president in history to lower taxes on the wealthy while at the same time, raised taxes on the poor.)
2. Was against immigration (wrong again. Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants)
3. Loved America (No he didn't. He hated America and as a result, began a destructive path of destroying America.)
4. Loved the constitution and freedom (Again, WRONG. Broke the law by illegally selling weapons to Iraq to fund Contras in Nicaragua and was against Separation of Church and State. Oh and by the way, Reagan was for gun control and was reported as having said himself "why do ordinary citizens need the same kinds of weapons as the military and the police?".
5. Reaganomics was a success (No, it was not. Reagan spent more than any president between Washington and Carter. Worst spending president in history. Reagan inherited a debt of $8 billion and ended his presidency with a $3 trillion debt.)

The only people who like Reagan are the rich who benefited from his policies.

If Obama had been President in 2003 and invaded Iraq do you think the Rethugs would've been pissed?

I think that Of course they fucking would have.
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