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Member since: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 11:42 AM
Number of posts: 512

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Abraham Lincoln vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. George Washington


These are the presidents considered the top three greatest by historians. Which one do you think was the greater of the three?

Robin Williams Destroys President Bush


Bill Clinton was a great president

I'm making this thread in response to all the negative things said on this site about Bill and Hillary. Now, I'm not saying he's perfect, he's certainly made mistakes, and no, I don't agree with every single one of his policies, but OVERALL, he did a good job. I understand that he's "moderate" and all that (so are JFK and Obama), but none of that matters when you did an overall good job. Now, I shall list the pros and cons of his administration.
Created 22 million good-paying jobs, made it illegal for governmental agencies to not allow people inside their buildings if they are LGBT, welfare reform, connected over 12 million American schools to the internet, was a good speaker, cut military spending, raised taxes on the wealthy but cut them on the poor, increased funding for AIDS research, increased funding for education, SCHIP, child tax credits, Family and Medical Leave Act, increased minimum wage by 20%, welfare-to-work tax credits, increased food stamp benefits, Americorps, increased science education funding, increased spending for college aid programs, GEAR UP college preparation programs
Supported the death penalty, personal sexual appetite, Iraq bombing sanctions, NAFTA, DADT and DOMA

As you see, the pros far outweigh the cons. I was born in 1979, and I have no regret in saying that he is, so far at least, that he is the best president of my lifetime.

Which Democrats would you like to see run?

Even if said person isn't running, or hasn't said anything yet, who would you LIKE to run?

I'd like to see Jerry Brown run, myself!

President Lincoln was shot 150 years ago today


God speed, and thank you, Mr. President

To the Right: STOP equating the JFK tax cuts to Reagan's

That is all!

Proof the Republican Party was once great!


OH MY FUCKING GOD! Check this shit out!


DISGUSTING! I am tired of conservatives telling other people how to live their lives. Fuck you, fuck your bible, and fuck your hatred!

iSideWith quiz

My results:
I side 92% with the Green Party
86% with the Democratic Party
72% with Libertarians
52% with Socialists
13% with the Republican Party

On Healthcare I side with the Green Party
On Domestic Policy, the Democratic Party
On foreign policy, Libertarians
On immigration, the Green Party
On the economy, the Green Party
On social issues, the Democratic Party
On education, the Green Party
On the environment, the Green Party


Bill Clinton cracks top 10 in rankings of presidents; Obama sits 18th (poll)


Bill Clinton was impeached during his second term but enjoyed favorable approval ratings (66 percent) when he left office in January 2001.
Clinton's popularity has improved since he left office and it apparently has paid off with political scientists as well as he was ranked the eighth greatest president in U.S. history in a survey of 162 members of the American Political Science Association.
It is the first time Clinton has cracked the top 10 in a poll. In 2010 he finished 13th and 2011 he was 19th in two other surveys, reports Yahoo! News.
Another first-timer in the top 10 is Dwight Eisenhower, who was ranked seventh...
No. 1 was Abraham Lincoln, followed by George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The rest of the top 10 are Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman, Eisenhower, Clinton, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson.

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