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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

I think we can all agree that the election cycle is way too long and expensive.

However, until we get campaign finance reform we have to deal with the reality that the trash in the Whitehouse has never stopped campaigning. It seems politically foolhardy to give him an undefended goal to shoot at when we need goalkeepers that individually resonate. That cannot be done by journalism or by committee.

Many of us can multi task. Every Democrat that declares is reminding the

nation of the trash we now have. Not necessarily a question of momentum, but one of comparisons. Especially at a time when the investigations are being made public.

Cohen is a mobster with strong connections to the Russian mafia. He

is fully aware of what they are capable of doing to his family. So does Mueller, who certainly knows the vital link to the conspiracy if Cohen was indeed in Prague. It is possible Mueller is protecting Cohen without alerting his prime targets. Some random thoughts here.

The real threat will probably come from the armed militia groups.From

the white supremacists who seek racial and political purity. Any downturn in the economy will only magnify the situation where these white militants see themselves as not personally achieving economic parity, and so ignorantly blame immigrants and PoC. These racist people will violently respond to any such a call from the criminal-in-charge. If that happens, l have to believe it will be short lived. The vast majority of us are good people. Also, as one astute member here has reminded me, the fraud leader has likely lost the respect of our military by his actions and behavior.

Wish l could be convinced that the civil disturbances dotard has been

fermenting for the past year plus will be as mild as the friend seems to think. Never underestimate the power of a stupid crowd when led by a dangerous and persuasive demagogue. There are dangerous times ahead - primarily because of the mass media access the betrayers have.

What we are dealing with is a puppet who has been installed by

our enemy, and who was smart enough to also corrupt the political party that supports his puppet. Until we gain control of the Senate and Presidency we will not be able to fully undo the damage that has already been done. Until then the House will ensure that happens in 2020 with investigations that expose the betrayal of our country. The idiots that will continue to be cult members of a political party and their degenerate leader will have to live with themselves.

The Kremlin's denial of her is not only contradictory, it is totally unbelievable.

Butina has likely been given their ok to burn the group of Americans she used, willingly or otherwise. She will not give up any important Russian assets, which she likely does not know anyway. Donít be surprised if when it is all over she returns to Russia, and is welcomed as a hero.

A friend commented that the GOP has traditionally been a bastion of white

privilege, power and money. They seem to have realized they cannot legitimately win at the ballot boxes, hence democracy is disposable, and that accepting millions from the crime syndicate that rules Russia is acceptable. Like dotard it is only the win that matters. Putinís primary reason for giving that money stolen from his own people is that every successful democracy is a threat to his despotic rule.

Knowing how Putin deals with agents who in his view betray Russia, it has to

be considered that he sees he can no longer protect dotard, and has given Butina the green light to create as much chaos as possible by exposing the corrupt underbelly of our democratic process. Turmoil is one of the unstated goals of attacking Western democracies in the Kremlinís quest for geopolitical domination. The answer may be found if she lives a long life.

The silence coming from Republicans is deafening confirmation that they

are complicit in every damning paragraph in the article. Sadly this will continue until they are threatened with a wipeout at the polls. Their miscalculation is that they have failed to realize that the Russian investigation daily continues to impress on voters the patriotic value of a long memory.
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