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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,569

Journal Archives

Wish it's only vengeful tattling. In reality it

is a deep seated hatred of anyone seen as a threat to their concept of the role of the dominant society, and the exclusive privileges it provides. It appears to be something they are afraid of even admitting.

France is not going to invade Niger. Any

plan they may have is likely at best a contingency one. There are other ways of dealing with Wagner with much less complications.

It will be many years before the full

scope of trump's betrayal is fully understood and recorded in history. Suspect it may very well doom the future political viability of the party willing to cast their lot with him for a few dollars and scant praise. They are doomed and do not know it.

Recall how his initial actions all

benefited Russia when he first became president?. The secret documents handover was the final betrayal. He is truly without one good redeeming factor.

Think the despotic Putin wannabe may

have opened a whole new category. Spies did, and do operate in the dark. This bigot betrays his country openly, and worst, he uses it blatantly as propaganda. He is possibly the single most dangerous person on earth.

Have friends who are moving to Portugal.

Their reasons are similar to those discussed here. However they do have a grim outlook for the future because of the corrosive influence of legalized bribery known as lobbying, the destructive influence of American oligarchy and the corruption of the educational system are some they mentioned. The supreme corruption of the courts was also prominent. They also singled out the propaganda of Fox and that the likelihood of American democracy becoming a farce offers favorable odds. Hope they are very wrong.

I suspect it has taken this long for a

variety of reasons, foremost of which is his past catching up with him. There is a lot there that lays the groundwork for his current betrayal. The scope and depth of selling out his country will be breathtaking. Again, just my opinion.

I am referring here to a specific group

that target other members who are dedicated supporters of a particular popular sport they disagree with, and have no real understanding of. It sometimes borders on harassment, fed by simple disrespect. Guess there is always a price to pay that others are oblivious to that has always been a part of life.

Those of us who love the strength,

speed and majesty of the thoroughbred on the track do not questions the right of others to buy a pit bull dog that has a history of killing children. Pit bulls were specifically bred for fighting. Today I won money on Preakness. If the 1/2 finish had been reversed it would still have been a magnificent race. It is not only about money.

Think you got it right. He was selected

as an upcoming businessman in the 70s by the Russians and trained in the expert use of the media and propaganda in dividing society before conquering it. He was also very well paid while they fed his insatiable ego. He then met, and still does, every single item on their MICE recruitment chart. His greatest fears are numerous espionage charges exposing him as the traitor he has been, and still is. Notably other foreign leaders who also gave him money seem to have a Russian connection.
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