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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 902

Journal Archives

It is much more frightening to those of us who are considered POC.

Associates of Steven Miller have described him as a monster who hates brown people. This vile person has no problem putting little children in pens at the direction of tRump. Years ago an old friend mentioned he was convinced tRump was using the playbook from 1933 Nazi Germany. Steven Miller is the embodiment of that book.

Whatever is in the report, and none of us here yet know, it will of

necessity be redacted to protect the CI sources, and will represent an intermission as some experts have expressed. The real vulnerability of tRump is in following the money. That is being done by the ongoing House investigations, by SDNY and by NY state. Sure we all know that in all likelihood tRump is guilty of impeachable crimes, but because of the current makeup of the Senate they unfortunately have become part of the political theatre. The fight over thr Mueller report will continue, but itís the public exposure of his crimes by the ongoing investigations that will humiliate and bring him to his just rewards. For surviving that process patience is the required ingredient. Just one laypersonís opinion.

May be way off base here - but l suspect we may not even need a

impeachment trial. Why give tRumpís racist supporters a premature reason to make him into some kind of deplorable martyr? Better to continue and slowly intensify the five House investigations while educating with public hearings. Let the people do the impeachment at the polls, and the justice system the actual trials thereafter. This might be the smart political approach.The problem with this plan is it all depends on protecting the integrity of our voting systems.

While l agree that tRump is all about structuring his rule around corruption

and expanding the family organization in quest of power and money, with his Ďelectioní he crossed over into the darker world of geopolitical espionage controlled, and in service of the Kremlin. Putin, like the Saudis and every other despotic ruler, understands that with the tRump family everything has a dollar value and is for sale. In tRump Putin has recruited the perfect agent to fulfill his goal of making Russia great again. Again, tRump has crossed into espionage territory, and our IS has to be of that belief. That is what many seem to be missing.

Maybe what the news media should start doing is that whenever dotard

makes blatant self serving false statements, which is usually every time he speaks, they should flash across the screen Ďlie number 8568í, or whatever number it is, and then give the real facts.

It should be very obvious to all that Northam has to go. And not only for

the many reasons already painfully and eloquently laid out, but also for the future of the Democratic Party in Virginia and the 87% of black people that supported him. It confuses me that some of the apologists for Northam here on DU have been in the past offered very vociferous condemnation of white privilege. Now may be a good time to remember we are better than that, or so we keep saying.

Don't think tRump will resign. The real question is how far will he be willing to

go in destroying the country so that he can became the most powerful despotic ruler? His wall gambit is about preserving his insurance against removal after impeachment, but that may only be workable if it is not fully exposed that his election was really a fraud perpetrated by the Russian government on his behalf. This is where the Mueller report comes into play. It is conceivable he will still believe he can again use the same illegalities to win in 2020. My guess is it all depends on what his handler Putin tells him to do. And that handler is after maximum disruption.

Somehow it always seems to boil down to a insultingly insinuating level

that POC are somehow inherently different, and deserving of a tag that says we are worth less no matter how much we strive for human dignity and economic justice. Trying to turn us into a petting zoo will not help the children of a morally bankrupt family that accepts the public racist attacks on Elizabeth Warren as normal. Despite the odds we will struggle on with the help of good people.

Personally l believe when all the evidence of the ruling family's

treasonous criminality is exposed there will be no other option than impeachment, removal and out of office prosecution. Either we are a nation of laws, or we are not. As to the tearing apart of our country - we are already torn apart, and the healing can only begin after the cancer has been removed.

Don't think he was initially bluffing. He saw it as another way of usurping

more power. Power is the real drug he craves, and because he is such a self absorbed ignoramus he is unable to see beyond the ruling concept. He once again is caught in a trap of his own making, with no good vanity way out while it continues to expose his total lack of humanity, bottomless lack of shame, and never ending ability to blatantly lie. The dog has the bone, but doesnít know what to do with it.
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