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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,253

Journal Archives

I suspect the unusual silence on Twitter is all about the mention of

tapes, recordings and photos in the NDA. She can bring him down. Just like Putin, except he has a hell of a lot more on the traitor.

The greatest danger we face now is the legitimacy of our elections.

It is obvious that the GOP leadership is aware that the Russians have achieved a level of sophisticated interference that favors their traitorous hold on power. They go to a ball game at a stadium and solemnly stand with their hand over their hearts for the national anthem, then go to work ignoring their constitutional responsibilities. Until we secure the legitimacy of our votes the blue wave this November will have to be a tsunami. Then we can rid ourselves of the spies that now govern. Should Mueller be fired, how we as a nation respond will define us.

The period between now and November is one of increased danger.

dOtardís corner will continue to increasingly shrink, and his erratic behavior may spill over to really unimaginable life threatening actions. Until we have a functioning check on his power we remain exposed to his evil ability to use that awesome power to prop up his corrupt and grandiose concept of himself. He has to be impeached and removed from office for the national and international good.

Missed Nicole Wallace but watched in awe the young students

give all America a lesson in what it means to really do something about improving one of the things so obviously wrong, and one that affects them deeply. They infused me with a new hope. The real message to the NRA and their paid political hit men is that millions of those kids, and a good portion of their families, will be voting in November. We, and yes I join those young people in their quest for justice, will be taking back our democracy in November.

Brings tears to my eyes. The injustice and suffering of that disgraceful

era, though removed by law, has since been selectively codified for use on the vulnerable by present day political demagogues who find it expedient to pollute their nation in their quest for money, power and control of the levers that govern modern society. Make no mistake, the stigma of slavery is not far beneath the surface of today. Watch Fox for a few minutes, or tune into one of the 1500 GOP entitled stations if you can stomach it. They are a monumental megaphone besmirching the search for true social justice.
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