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Member since: Thu May 2, 2013, 11:20 AM
Number of posts: 6,177

Journal Archives

Texas school puts its first black principal on leave in furor over Critical Race Theory

"I am not the CRT (Critical Race Theory) Boogeyman. I am the first African American to assume the role of Principal at my current school in its 25-year history, and I am keenly aware of how much fear this strikes in the hearts of a small minority who would much rather things go back to the way they used to be," he wrote.

Whitfield, who is married to a white woman, was also asked by the school district to remove photos with the couple together, with complaints saying they were inappropriate.


Life among the unvaccinated imitates Art in King Ronald's Florida.


Is it time?

42 CFR 70.6 - Apprehension and detention of persons with quarantinable communicable diseases.

a) The Director may authorize the apprehension, medical examination, quarantine, isolation, or conditional release of any individual for the purpose of preventing the introduction, transmission, and spread of quarantinable communicable diseases, as specified by Executive Order, based upon a finding that:

(1) The individual is reasonably believed to be infected with a quarantinable communicable disease in a qualifying stage and is moving or about to move from a State into another State; or

(2) The individual is reasonably believed to be infected with a quarantinable communicable disease in a qualifying stage and constitutes a probable source of infection to other individuals who may be moving from a State into another State.

(b) The Director will arrange for adequate food and water, appropriate accommodation, appropriate medical treatment, and means of necessary communication for individuals who are apprehended or held in quarantine or isolation under this part.

[82 FR 6971, Jan. 19, 2017] https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/42/70.6

Captain Ron of the USS Florida:


Alert!: Fox's deep news coverage demands investigations re Britney Spears.

Capitol? What Capitol?

It looks like a metamongous virus hanging over the Olympics.


Leader Kevin McCarthy traveled to Selma, Alabama for " Bloody Sunday" anniversary.

but his once ballyhooed photo gallery depicting him marching as the lone Republican is no longer on his website. https://www.republicanleader.gov/photos-50th-anniversary-selma-montgomery-march/

To the public it appears he has flipped on voting rights, but his old speech is still online. https://www.republicanleader.gov/leader-mccarthy-selma-civil-rights-activists-held-america-promise/

Texas Gov. Abbott vows to have missing Dem lawmakers arrested when they return

Is that supposed to be a threat? Abbott should have studied Critical Race Theory.


Mike and Mother Pence send condolences to Haiti and Mrs. Moise. "That could have been us."

Matt Gaetz Ally Says Cooperation Warrants Sex-Traffic Sentence Delay

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