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Member since: Wed May 8, 2013, 05:32 PM
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It also says 60 ft. being the start of nitrogen narcosis.

As I remember it from commercial dive school, it was more like 200 ft, depending on various factors.

Busy, trying to stay alive,

under the yoke of "The Man".

In 1968, I quit the Air Force, after

having figured out, and thought deeply about why we were in that "war". I had, some months previously, noticed the C-4's parked off to the side on the flight line at Clark AB, where I was stationed. I found out that these were "special flights". They contained coffins. Going "in theater", they were stacked on pallets. Coming "out of theater", they were on racks, so as not to have coffins stacked. I made an appointment with my Commander and told him in no uncertain term that I was no longer willing to assist them in pursuing this war. We talked for about an hour and a half about personal responsibility and choice. Lucky for me, there was a reduction in force going on, and rather than bother with me, he just put me out, "General Discharge, at the convenience of the military".
And, yeah, I didn't think too deeply about war at my previous duty station, Hickam AFB, hard by Pearl Harbor. Hawaii can be so distracting to a 20 year old, raised in the country in rural Louisiana.
It can take awhile to "get your head", as we used to say in the '60's.
Then ensued long talks with my Dad. "What if everyone felt like you? The Russians would be over here in a week," he asked. My reply? "Dad, if everyone felt that way, that would include the Russians and there would be no one to "come over here".

Yeah, but, Howard hughes!

"The Gate to Women's Country" by Sheri Tepper

I highly recommend this.

A semi-rhetorical question:

Have you heard this song? Topical today, from back in the day. This was written from life, Mr. Cockburn having been caught up in some rather serious oppression.
And some Damn good guitar, for icing.

Edit: Sorry, momentary flash of "Old-Timers Disease", Was listening to the song while writing the post, and spaced out on including the link.

Yeah, I would join you in a pipe,

but I'm about to leave for work and I can't get all f**ked up before.

K & R; What he said.

The form is not as important as that we keep track of who is running/operating it. I'm partial to Social Democracy, myself, but, as I said, that is not as important as that we keep psychopaths out of the leadership.
BTW, that path
And I personally thought that the Hostess workers should have occupied the plant, made product and sold it WITHOUT profit (ALL costs included of course) and cut the fucking parasitical capitalists out of the picture all together. Communist enuff for you?

is working real well in South and Central America.

One more time, with feeling,

It isn't the White man, Black or Brown.
Its the Rich man that keeps you down.

My partner points out

that this is just exciting enough to distract us from... WHAT? Perhaps we should look around and check what we are being distracted from. TPP, anyone?
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