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TheJames's Journal
TheJames's Journal
January 31, 2016

Why has nobody pointed out

that the fact of using other than provided, secured government servers for
government E-mails is itself illegal. It matters not whether the E-mails are classiffied. My understanding is that the government servers are mandated!
Could it be that Cheney, Rumsfeld, et. al. did this extensively? And in the previous administration, so recently that they can't credibly deny it.

October 7, 2015

I was once "witness" to a full on firefight in Houston.

From about a third mile away. I was working late as maintenance/technician at a small state of the art digital recording studio and the sound engineer had gone out to the parking lot to smoke a cigarette. He came back in, kinda shaken up, and said we should come outside for a minute. There was serious gunfire going on, "right over there", several different calibers, including some fully automatic weapons. We listened for just a few minutes, until someone said, "Maybe we should go back inside". Oh, yeah! We found out the next day that there had been a "turf battle" between the Jamaican Mafia and some Mexican Drug gang. The police reported over 200 casings found. Pretty scary, indeed.
That was fairly typical of some parts of Houston in the 80's.

October 5, 2015

I like mine.

Be mindful what part of the plant its extracted from, There are "Cannabis" oils out there extracted from parts of the plant that have zero therapeutic effect, inasmuch as they don't actually contain any CBD.

October 5, 2015

Me, too.

I have a squamous(sp.?) cell tumor in the anal canal. I am using CBD oil, keeping my metabolism in the high alkaline region, reducing sugars(my weakness, but very important, as cancer feeds on sugar) as best I can, as much turmeric as we can reasonably fit in my diet, and several other detail protocols. The Radiation Oncologist assured me that in 6 months w/o chemo/radiation treatment, I would be wearing a colostomy bag, having had my anus removed. The treatments mentioned slowed the tumor growth such that I am now at about the year and a quarter mark. What turned slowed growth into tumor shrinkage was Colostrum, a therapeutic nutrient. At this point, my major pain producer is a really bad hemorrhoid, a result of blockage-induced straining for a movement, when the tumor was largest. So, I am on the mend. You can be, too. Do deep (find the source for assertions of efficacy, and what is their reputation, source of their claims, etc.) research on the inter-tubes, find out for yourself what works.
I would like to include whole plant juice, which includes THC-a, allegedly the most potent of the cannabinoids, but I live in Texas, Goddess help me.
By the way, the Cancer-Industrial Complex is largely interested your money, without regard to outcome. Did you notice that the "10-year survival rate" is no longer used to gauge success? It was found that at about 8 to 12 yrs, cancers directly attributable to the chemo and/or radiation treatments began showing up. Now, its a 5 year survival rate.
And I am on a severely limited, fixed income, and couldn't have afforded the co-pay for the first treatment. I could see the "Doctor" lose interest as soon as I told him that.
It is important that you do your own research and decide for yourself which protocols to use.
I am not a doctor and none of the above is to imply that I am giving you medical advice.

Smoked marijuana reduces certain types of pain and elevates mood, according to rumor".
The James

Edit: Watch your dose. We found out that more is not better and can be counterproductive. We reduced to just over half the recommended amount and got better results.

September 15, 2015

I hope his case of projection is not infectious,

cause that there is is a pretty bad case.

September 14, 2015

In the main, yes.

We NEED a government-owned central banking system. similar to, I think its Montana's state bank. The Fed charging interest on money it lends the government is absolutely a scam we've suffering under from the start.

September 14, 2015

It entirely depends on

how much/what part of the circuitry gets wet and how much/what kind of corrosion subsequently occurs. Absolutely, DO NOT TURN IT ON while still wet; the moisture will, odds are, short out some portion of the circuitry. Dry it as rapidly as possible, consonant with not doing further damage; i. e. VERY low oven w/ the door open or putting in direct sunlight after draining/shaking as much moisture as possible. You MIGHT be able to save it and its worth a try, unless you dropped it into sea water!
from an ex-Air Force trained radar tech from back in the days of discrete component systems, who retrained into digital professional audio equipment support. Your mileage may vary.

Edit: absolutely, take the battery out as soon as possible, dry it physically, and very gently swab out the inside/whatever you can access, being very careful not to damage anything in the process.

September 12, 2015

I'm FROM Louisiana,

And grew up (relatively) sane, thanks to an ex-schoolteacher, ex-Yankee grandmother and my functionally blind, semi-literate (3rd grade education) non-bigot father I read science fiction from the 6th grade, so I am aware people come in LOTS of flavors and that this is something to celebrate and be enjoyed. I've had LOTS of experience walking away from fools and assholes.
In addition, my mother's brother was a glider pilot in WW2. The average survival rate was approximately 2/3 of a mission. He did three And WALKED BACK TO THE FRONT LINES from all three. If he's still alive, he carries shrapnel today. It did not break him and it was obvious, that that was a close thing, WOULD NOT talk about it. As I acquired SOME maturity, I integrated these lessons to the best of my ability. I am enormously grateful for these role models and lessons, although it has made it increasingly difficult to live in today's militaristic, sold culture.

July 14, 2015

Not only that,

if you look closely, win 10 is close to a subscription model, whereby Microsoft has extended control of your use of it. I didn't examine it in depth. I don't think I will actually switch over. Win 7 is about to become the new XP.

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