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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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IMO Too Often Democrats March Out The Circular Firing Squad During Important Elections

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I am already seeing the guns being loaded, the blindfolds being tied, the line of soldiers being marched out to the courtyard, the circle being formed, and the "Ready, Aim, Fire!" order being loudly proclaimed as we again do what Democrats routinely do during important elections...Shoot ourselves in the back.

Just for once, can we please show up and vote for the person with the best chance to win regardless of who we would rather see run? Can we please just stop handing the GOP easy victories because we didn't get everything we wanted? Can we please face the reality that the perfect candidate isn't running or likely to win but we still have a horse in the race that we shouldn't give up on?

The election is only the fist step. Even if our candidate wins, we have to keep pushing that person to do what we as progressives want them to do. They are not saviors and merely electing them is not supposed to be the end of the process. If Hillary Clinton or whoever is elected, we have to continue to demand the things we want or the election serves no purpose.

All too often Democrats think that the person they elect is going to be their savior and they walk away leaving the task to whomever they elect. Stay engaged and push as hard as you can to achieve the kind of society that we know we are capable of. Big money cannot compete with an engaged electorate. Stay focused, stay engaged, and never stay home from the polls for any reason.

Thank you.

Capitalism is a Sickness

What do call someone that will destroy their own environment, the very ground they stand on, pollute the water they drink, genetically alter their own food supply with unknown consequences, flood society with deadly weaponry, work to eliminate health care for millions, and then finance a massive campaign to deny any of it is actually happening because admitting so would impact the incomes of the richest 1%? Maybe it should simply be called genocide by social construct? In this country we just call it Capitalism.

Anyone Else Notice That We Tend to Use Female Candidates First Names But Male Candidates Last Names?

What's up with that? Can anyone explain this distinction. Why are we so comfortable saying Hillary and then talking about her rivals as Cruz, Bush, Walker, etc?

Nobody in the 2016 Presidential Field is More Qualified than Hillary Clinton

Not that it makes me all that happy to say that but the reality is nobody has more foreign policy experience, more leadership roles, more presidential campaigning experience, and yes, more time in the White House albeit as First Lady or as some would say, co-president. I wish that we had better politicians on both sides to pick from but as the years tick by, our choices seem to get worse rather than better. I certainly don't believe all of the Republican Clinton inspired scandal-mongering that never ends and simply becomes white noise in the background of any campaign involving a Clinton. I believe that having Republicans in control of both houses of congress precludes this country from electing any Republican to the White House and not just the fact that the Republican side is completely nuts. If Clinton is all we can come up with this time around, maybe she can serve as a Trojan Horse for a 2020 or 2024 election by selecting a VP that will excite the Left enough to wait for his or her turn to run for office. I would favor someone like O'Malley or maybe one of the Castro brothers (Not the ones from Cuba, the ones from Texas). What do you think? Should we use Clinton to bring along a more progress future president?

Life-long Democrat with roots in the Minnesota DFL

Great to meet other Democrats and if you like to argue with dim-witted Righties, go to http://www.partisanlines.com/forums/politics.14/ and join the political forum. It's a coin collector forum but it has a political discussion area. There are only like 3 of them but they try to dominate the forum with the usual lame Right wing talking points. Look for David, CoinOKC, and rlm's cents. They are fun to play with.

If the Democratic Party Wanted to be Smart in 2016

They would pour millions and millions into getting the vote out efforts in a huge daily advertising campaign from tomorrow through Election Day. Make voting seem like a party. Make voting the thing to do. Promote the idea of voting as if it were the equivalent of political Mardi Gras, the fourth of July, and spring break combined. Forget fighting the GOP's messaging battle, just emphasize voting, voting, voting. We have the numbers but lack the rank and file commitment. Play it smart for once DNC. Forget thinking people are bright enough to go out and vote on their own because it is in their best interests. That strategy has failed too many times.
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