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Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard's Journal
Shemp Howard's Journal
December 11, 2017

Al's punishment should fit the crime.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that everything Al Franken is accused of is true. The one-time groping (captured in a picture), the kissing, the squeezing.

Notice that this list of Al's "crimes" does not include murder, rape, attempted rape, kidnapping, treason, bribery, felony theft, or lying under oath. Al is accused of bad behavior to be sure, but nothing serious.

Al apologized. He sincerely apologized. He apologized for things he wasn't sure he even did. That is the mark of a man, a man trying to do the right thing.

So let the punishment fit the crime. And that would be probation. A letter of admonishment in your file. Not the loss of your livelihood. Not the loss of your job.

There is NO REASON why Franken should resign. At most, the Senate should pass a resolution of disapproval. Why even Democrat senators are calling for Al's head, that is beyond me. Is a misdemeanor now a capital offense?

December 7, 2017

I believe Al Franken's accusers...

...and I think that he should NOT resign.

As to my first statement, I believe Al Franken's accusers because:

1. That is my default position in cases like this. False accusations can cause great harm. I acknowledge that. Nevertheless, my default position is to believe the accuser.
2. The so-called groping picture. It is what it is. A 50+ year old man behaving very inappropriately.
3. There are just too many women coming forward, anonymous or not.

As to my second statement, I believe Al Franken should NOT resign because:

1. Franken's transgressions (if true) are relatively minor. Yes, they are upsetting. And they should not be tolerated. But we are not talking rape, attempted rape, gross indecency, theft of public funds, bribery, or anything like that. Any of those charges would warrant a resignation, or an expulsion. Patting someone's butt is wrong, but it is not close to that level.
2. Franken quickly apologized for any wrong he might of done. His apology seemed genuine, very genuine.
3. A resignation invalidates an election. Such a thing should happen in only the most extreme of cases.

So here's my suggestion:

The Senate should pass a resolution of reprimand, chastising Franken for certain past behavior. Don't get it all tied up with Moore, Trump, etc. Those are truly separate issues. Just pass a resolution of reprimand. Franken is a stand-up guy. I'd bet he'd even vote for that resolution. Then let's all move on.

(Not that anyone noticed, but I haven't posted for a long time. I'm still in shock from the 2016 election. But this over-kill directed at Franken has me really upset. The punishment should fit the crime. Accept a reprimand Al; don't resign!)

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