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stage left

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 06:45 AM
Number of posts: 2,249

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It's really not us degenerate inbred hillbillies who are the biggest problem. Mainly we'uns lay out on our ramshackle porches with our lazy ole 'coon dogs, trying to get the rust off great great grand pappy's rifle what he carried in the Great War( and I don't mean World War I neither.) And we don't bother nobody. The ones causing the trouble would be those respectable church going, bible believing, evangelical fundamentalist Christian/Republicans who believe that Jesus was a blonde, blue-eyed Capitalist American Christian who believed exactly as they do and hated exactly the people they hate. Their only criteria for supporting a candidate is does he claim he's born again and is he against gay marriage and abortion.

Furthermore, this mindset is not confined to South Carolina. It is, obviously, nationwide. We have Niki Hayley, yeah, we unfortunately do, but Wisconsin, unfortunately, has Scott Walker.

Thank you to the one who gave me a heart.

I really appreciate it.

Going around Greenville lately, I've seen a few signs saying "Lose Lindsey."

I'd like to add Terminate Tim, and Trash Trey. And for my sister in Anderson, Jettison Jeff. Looks like I'm going to need more poster board.

Jay Stamper, Democrat, running against Lindsey Graham.


I don't know much about doing this linking and excerpt thing, but there's a Democrat running for Graham's seat this November and I think it's worthwhile to check him out and consider supporting him. There are a few Repubs running in the primary and these guys think Lindsey is not conservative enough. On Mr. Stamper's page I read that earlier this year, the SC. Democratic Party essentially endorsed Lindsey Graham, saying that he was looking out for the best interests of SC. I mean seriously, what the living hell, SC Democratic Party? I actually sent money to you guys, so you could support Republicans?

Signing up for Indentity protection due to data breech of those who efile their taxes.

I tried to sign up for identity protection through CSID. For some reason I wasn't able to complete the application on line and was directed to customer service phone number. Everything was ok until they started wanting credit card and car loan balances. They don't seem to require this information if you apply on line. So I'm asking if anyone else has signed up for this over the phone and if this was required. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Thank you very much to the DUer who gave me a heart.

Now I don't have to go see the Wizard. No, seriously, thank you. And a Happy Valentine's Day to all, filled with love and chocolate.

Thanks a lot, smart people.

Can I get extra points if I think Paul Ryan actually knows anything about budgets? Can I share this? My sister would love it as much as I do.

Hi, I'm stage left.

I'm a flaming blue Democrat in the extremely red state of South Carolina. I used to be sorta of proud of my state, but Lately I'm mostly ashamed of it. It's still a beautiful state and I still love it(except in August.) It's just that it's become too much like that gorgeous cousin of yours, you know, the one on your mother's side? She looks great and then she opens her mouth.

I've been lurking here since before the last presidential race and this week I thought I'd finally edge out of the shadows a bit.
So then, enter: stage left.
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