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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,550

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My wife and I voted for Hillary in Austin, TX today

We saw quite a few Hillary supporters as well.

We didn't really talk to anybody but saw shirts at our polling location. I wonder if she'll win Austin.

Why is Bernie Sanders net worth so low?

He has been earning at least 100k for 20 years (higher than that, I estimated low) and his wife has earned 100k+ for quite some time.

He's only worth 500-700k.

On salaries like that for so long, shouldn't they be worth more? I mean he's been working a long time, I know of household incomes of around 80k with a higher net worth, and the Sanders are probably triple that.

I'm not slamming him, it's a legitimate question. Where does he spend his money?

Jeb may drop out after SC

I'm listening to CNN New Day this morning and his spokesperson will not definitively say Jeb will continue on after this weekend.

I'm guessing he'll throw his support behind Rubio.

I earn over 600k a year

I feel like the Democratic party is in a race to vilify me and take my money.

Honestly, I try to hire as little as possible. I don't care about family leave or minimum wage and I want a low tax liability. I am just being honest. I'm not ultra rich, I have to plan 30k expenditures. An employee directly Impacts how soon I can retire.

I don't want higher taxes.

Business could go south any moment. I could fuck up any moment. I save because I KNOW I'll likely hit a bad spot. My last check ( combined 2015 ) to the IRS was almost 200k. My product is cheaper and better than my competitors.

I feel like I'm regulated out the ass and I'm in Texas.

I vote D for social issues, but Bernie really scares me.

Why the tear downs? Both candidates.

I do not understand why people for Bernie or Hillary supporters are attacking each other on non policy issues.

It's one thing to go Medicare for all vs. Let PPACA play out.

It's another to attack the candidate personally. The disdain and vitriol I see is very unbecoming and a turnoff to people like me. I expect the GOP to act like children, the Democrats should be adults.

Win on policy.

Moderators are doing awesome

They are letting the candidates talk.

They do seem to be going after Bernie a bit. I am a Hillary voter.

Hillary not doing super well tonight

My wife and I (in Texas) plan to vote for her but tonight she doesn't seem on target.

I still think she's the smartest of all candidates but I'm not seeing her speak as well as she does versus candidates.
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