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Gender: Male
Hometown: Lexington
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 09:55 AM
Number of posts: 4,996

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Motherfuckers always got a reason why something won't work to curb gun violence.

Then they start a circle jerk about some awesome gun they own...or wish they could own.


My mother came to this country in 1970 from Korea. For the first time ever she has voiced concern..

over what N. Korea may do to S. Korea. She was a very young child during the war, so she has seen the devastation.

Not once in my memory has she been frightened of what may happen in Korea...until now. All because of the piece of shit we have as President.

This may be unpopular, but I'm ok with running segregationist Dems if it will win elections.

I mean, there are some districts that are full on racist, and do we just give on those seats? That's surrendering to the other side.

That shit sounds crazy, huh? So let's stop with the anti-choice candidate talk.

What the fuck is going on with this anti-choice shit? What bizarro world have I stepped in to?

There is zero compromise on this issue. I don't tolerate anti-civil rights views when they are directed at minorities and I don't tolerate them when they are directed at women.

This shit is off the rails. Let me be clear: Fuck anyone that is anti-choice, be they Democrat or Republican or Independent. Zero tolerance. Zero debate. Zero acceptance.

I have a mother. I have a wife. I have a sister. I have 2 daughters. I will go to war against anyone fucking with their rights.

I think the first Republican congressman that comes out strongly against Trump....

will be the rising star for the next election. I can't believe that one of them hasn't done it already. It would be a gamble, but the upside is huge.

Joe said this is not the Trump of 2 years ago....

This is all a work.

Fuck Trump and those that helped make him.

Joe and Mika helped make Trump.

Now their monster is turning on them. Fuck 'em.

How did the Bernie endorsed candidate do in the Virginia primary?

We overwhelmingly went with the other guy. Thank goodness. I was a little concerned for an hour or so.

VERY tepid applause.

Many not clapping.

Not everyone in the party respects a woman's right to choose? And we are supposed to respect that?

Fuck that noise. Are we expected to respect those that don't respect the civil rights of LGBTQ citizens? How about the civil rights of racial minorities? We respect them too?

Not me. I don't respect any of those fuckers. I ain't trying to reach out to them, and I sure as hell ain't voting for them. Not in this day and age. Not gonna happen.
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