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Profile Information

Name: Moshe Feingold
Gender: Male
Hometown: NY, NY
Home country: Poland
Current location: Ruidoso, NM
Member since: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,808

Journal Archives

(Jewish Group) Jokes for Jews

Shlomo the tailor was a very successful tailor in London, England. He made formal wear for all the important royals, and even made Winston Churchill's suits during WWII. He did a great job, had a Royal Appointment, and was very well respected.

After many years of service, the Queen decided that he should be knighted for his loyal service, much to his joy and pride.

Shlomo, despite rubbing elbows with royalty for 50 years, was a humble and simple man. He had never been to an event where his fine suits were worn. So he asked a client what the proper procedure was. The client explained the dress, the process, and even the knighting ceremony to him. The hardest part was he had to memorize a phrase in Latin for when he was actually knighted.

He made himself a fine set of formal wear, got a good hair cut and beard trim, and set out to memorize the procedure and the phrase.

Well, the big day came. He and the other knights-to-be was taken to the castle in a carriage. Walked down the red carpet among all the beaming people, so happy to see him honored at last. He watched the honorees, kneel before the Queen.

They would each get down on one knee, bow, and she would touch his (or her, there were, indeed several lady knights) shoulder with the sword. They would say the Latin phrase. Then they would switch knees, she would touch the knight on the other shoulder with the sword, and they would arise, a Knight of the Kingdom.

Well, it got to be Shlomo's turn. He approached the Queen, got down on his knee, she touched his shoulder with the sword.

And he blanked on the Latin phrase. Completely blank.

Panicked, he said the first non-English phrase that came to his mind: "Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam, she'heheyanu v'kiy'manu v'higi'anu la'z'man ha'ze!"

The Queen then touched his other shoulder. Once again, Shlomo said: "Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam, she'heheyanu v'kiy'manu v'higi'anu la'z'man ha'ze!"

Puzzled, the Queen turned to her advisor and asked: "Why is this knight different from all the other knights?
Posted by MosheFeingold | Tue Jun 26, 2018, 11:48 AM (36 replies)

Public safety 'This universe can end,' said driver in video posted on day he mowed down family on b

Source: Tampa Bay Tribune

By: Josh Fiallo

Published: June 25, 2018
Updated: June 25, 2018 at 03:19 PM

TAMPA — Pedro Aguerreberry pedaled along New Tampa Boulevard on Sunday pulling his son Bennett in a trailer as his other son Lucas rode alongside them. As father and sons headed east on a paved bike path, a former star track and field athlete named Mikese Morse drove west in a Dodge sedan, Tampa police say. Morse didn’t know the family, but he decided at that moment to make the trio his target, police allege. Morse, 30, spun the Dodge around, crossed a lane of traffic, tore across a grassy easement and then sped up just before slamming into the father and two sons, according to police.

All three were taken to local hospitals. Pedro Aguerreberry, 42, was pronounced dead a short time later. Bennett, 8, was treated for a broken leg, and Lucas, 3, had minor injuries. Morse fled the scene of the mid-day Sunday collision and was arrested later on charges including premeditated first-degree murder and leaving the scene of a crash with death. He was held without bail at the Hillsborough County Jail.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said an account from a witness who saw Morse make the U-turn indicates that he intentionally mowed them down. But investigators were still working to answer a critical question: Why? "What type of person would purposely run over a family that was just bicycling down a bike path?" Dugan said at a Monday news conference. He said Morse seemed "disturbed" after he was detained, admitted to the attack but didn’t offer "a complete explanation" for his motive. Videos and other posts on Morse’s Instagram page — some of them apparently posted near the time of the crash and later that day — paint a portrait of a man unraveling, fixated on what he claimed to be the devil’s power over him. "I still will kill every single one of y’all on that motherf-----’s head right now," Morse said in a video posted Sunday. He appears to be walking along the edge of a wooded area while recording with his phone.

(More at link)

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/Driver-deliberately-struck-family-riding-on-New-Tampa-bike-path-killing-father-police-say_169452923

This appears to be a random attack by a man with known spiraling mental problems.

This time he chose a Dodge Avenger as his weapon, instead of a gun, but the end effect is the same.

In today's political climate there are very few areas of agreement, but this is the time we could get Republicans to spend more money on public mental health services, more money to make mental institutions decent places (as much as they can be), and more reasonable laws so dangerous people can be detained for their own and others safety.

I don't know if others remember, but our current practice of drugging the mentally ill and then setting them out in public with the false hope they take their medicine came about because of a bad combination of events in the 70s:

1. Drug companies with new drugs that lied about how effective they would be, to make money;
2. Republicans refusing to spend the money to make mental institutions humane places;
3. Scaremongering TV from idiots (chiefly Geraldo Rivera, believe it or not) that made the bad mental institutions look like horror novels;
4. Well-meaning, but misguided, public activists who filed lawsuits to get people out of terrible mental institutions (supported by money and fake experts from not-well-meaning drug companies).

We now know better; and this is literally the ONLY thing I think we can get Republicans to act reasonably about.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Mon Jun 25, 2018, 04:00 PM (16 replies)

Food Truck Worker Hurls Bottle, Racial Epithet at Black Woman

Food Truck Worker Hurls Bottle, Racial Epithet at Black Woman After She Tries to Pay With Change: Report

The Root
June 8, 2018
By: Angela Helm, Contributing Editor

A black woman in Oregon was allegedly called out of her name and assaulted by a food truck owner, all because she tried to pay for her food with change. According to Willamette Week, Carlotta Washington says she was called a “nigger” by Islam El Masry after she tried to pay for her lunch with quarters (not pennies, mind you).

In a short video provided to the outlet by a bystander, El Masry can be seen telling Washington to “get the fuck out from here” and calling her a “stupid bitch” after throwing a Gatorade bottle at her for confronting him.
In a portion not captured on video, Washington says, El Masry sprayed her with Sriracha, which was confirmed to the news outlet by witness Rachel Good, who said that she found Washington’s shirt, face and shoulders covered with the Thai hot sauce.

“It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly,” Washington says. After Washington asked that police be called, El Masry was booked into Multnomah County jail on charges of misdemeanor harassment and assault. Bail is set at $4,000.

Video at link.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Mon Jun 11, 2018, 12:33 PM (18 replies)

50 Years Ago Today

June 5, 1968

Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian-Jordanian immigrant, shot Senator Bobby Kennedy with a .22 revolver, just as Bobby was coming out of the kitchen into Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel lobby.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Tue Jun 5, 2018, 10:48 AM (1 replies)

Progressive Motorcycle Gang

I am a transplant to rural New Mexico, being apparently too old to live on my own (according to my doctor son, anyway).

So I have found myself living in the guest house of my son in the town of Mescalero, NM (which is basically Ruidoso, NM).

It's quite lovely, if a shocking amount of trees for a NYC boy. It's mainly an Apache Reservation, but there is a huge tourist area, replete with a nice horse track. We decided to go to the Sunday races, which opened for the summer Memorial Day weekend. Won $400 on "Cartel Cupid" to win.

Well, lots of motorcyclists came to enjoy the weather and roads, including hundreds of members of the Waco-shooting-famous Bandido Motorcycle Gang. Lots of "1%" patches and lower rockers.

Being a lawyer and former cop, I am quite aware of the significance of the rocker and the 1% patch.

Well, I like motorcycles and sat in an outside patio bar watching the bikers cruise by. (They were quite peaceful. In public.)

Interestingly, the gang had people of every race. Mainly Anglo and Hispanic, but also a few Asians and Blacks. Very progressive in a world where race is a big deal and Neo-Nazis seem to prevail.

Then, in a shock to me, being aware of the hyper-masculine environment of motorcycle gangs, a very interesting crew cruised by, also with rockers and full regalia.

They were all women.

If I were to stereotype by the crew cuts and tats (not to mention the leather), I would bet lesbian. (Obviously, I don't know this, but, if making a bet, I'd be willing to put serious money on it, and having recently won $400, was in a betting mood.)

So there you have it. A progressive motorcycle gang.

I suppose more meth can be moved with ethnic and sexual orientation inclusion.

Business is business, after all.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Wed May 30, 2018, 10:35 AM (22 replies)

FDR wanted Jews spread thin and kept out of US

Jerusalem Post
May 2, 2018
By: Daniel J. Roth

NEW YORK - New evidence suggests that as the Jews of Europe were being slaughtered across continent during the Holocaust, President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not want them seeking refuge on American shores. Tucked away in a secret vault inside the White House during his 12 year tenure as commander-in-chief, the newly revealed documents recently made public via the FDR Library paint a portrait of the President’s plan to ‘spread thin all over the world’ the remains of European Jewry.

Among the files in Roosevelt’s safe was evidence of a secret initiative dubbed the “M Project,” a study he commissioned that outlined options for post-war migration of the millions of Europeans, especially Jews, expected to be displaced by the war, according to Tablet Magazine. The project was first proposed in the summer of 1942, with Roosevelt enlisting the assistance of former diplomat and writer John Franklin Carter, who ran an informal secret intelligence service for the President, along with Carter’s colleague Henry Field. “I know that you and Henry Field can carry out this project unofficially, exploratorially, ethnologically, racially, admixturally, miscegenationally, confidentially and, above all, budgetarily,” FDR wrote to Carter in a secret memo authorizing the plan in July 1942. “Any person connected herewith whose name appears in the public print will suffer guillotinally,” the memo added.

The White House plan called for Carter and Field, a trained anthropologist, to seek the assistants of academics and geographers to survey “the vacant places of the earth suitable for post-war settlement,” specifically in Africa and South America, and the “type of people who could live in those places.”

Roosevelt’s initial choice to lead the clandestine resettlement plan was the curator of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Aleš Hrdlička. A prominent public intellectual and disciple of the eugenics theory - the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics - Hrdlička was convinced of the superiority of the white race and obsessed with racial identity. Roosevelt’s relationship with Hrdlička existed years before the presidency, with the two exchanging letters for more than a decade. The documents show Hrdlička’s zeal for theories on racial mixtures and notions of human racial “stock,” ideas that appeared to strike a chord with the President.

Excerpted. More at link:

Posted by MosheFeingold | Fri May 4, 2018, 03:15 PM (5 replies)


Is this a brilliant publicity stunt?

Have the writing of Walter E. Williams legitimately changed his mind?

Have the Kardashian shrews ruined him?

Was Rep. Maxine Waters out of line for saying he "talks out of turn"?

Is Dr. Phil right that he's crazy?

What say ye?
Posted by MosheFeingold | Thu May 3, 2018, 10:54 AM (18 replies)

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I am watching this series on Netflix with my grandchildren.

Last night, there was a scene where the narrator places a stone on the grave of a lovely lady, unexplained, in the midst of his narration. This is but one of the lovely overt and subtle references to Judaism (or in-jokes in some cases) in the series that few but Jewish people would understand.

The Baudelaires (both the actors and the characters) are obviously Jewish, although this is never expressly stated.

My favorite in-joke was the antagonist trying to explain away a mysterious tattoo on his ankle. He said it was part of his religion. When asked what religion, he said "Judaism!"

Klaus (one of the protagonists) promptly responded "But Judaism discourages tattoos."

To which the antagonist responded (after a whispered hint from his minion) "Re-constructionist Judaism!", which was promptly accepted as a valid point by all present, including what appears to have been a Rabbi.

All in all, it's a very Jewish series, with Jewish morals and teachings.

I encourage watching.

As a final aside, my 13-year-old grandson has a massive crush on Violet Baudelaire, which I totally understand. She's both sharp and lovely.
Posted by MosheFeingold | Wed Apr 25, 2018, 11:01 AM (5 replies)

Video of anti-Semitic attack in central Berlin sparks outrage

18 April 2018


German political and religious leaders expressed shock Wednesday over an alleged anti-Semitic attack on two men wearing traditional Jewish skullcaps in central Berlin filmed by one of the victims.

One of the young men targeted, who captured the incident on his smartphone, said they were confronted by three Arabic-speakers shouting insults at them, one of whom lashed out at him with a belt. Berlin police in their report on Tuesday's suspected anti-Semitic attack said that the suspect later also threatened his victim with a glass bottle.

In a twist to the story, the author of the video tape, which went viral on social media, a 21-year-old student called Adam, said Wednesday that he is an Israeli Arab. He told broadcaster Deutsche Welle that he wore the Jewish kippa gifted to him by a friend to see whether it was safe to do so on the streets of his upmarket Berlin neighbourhood.

He said he filmed the attack as evidence "for the police and for the German people and even the world to see how terrible it is these days as a Jew to go through Berlin streets".
"I'm not Jewish, I'm Israeli," he said. "I grew up in Israel in an Arabic family and I think that it was an experience for me to wear the kippa."

The video shows the attacker shouting "yahudi", Jew in Arabic, and later a bruise on Adam's torso.


I note that the victim is an Israeli Arab who chose to wear a kippah because he's pissed off about antisemitism.

Contrary to what the fake "woman's march" and other antisemitic groups will tell you, Arabs in Israel are full citizens, free to practice whatever religion they want (or no religion). In fact, Israeli Arabs are the highest educated and wealthiest Arabs in the Middle East (and, in fact, Christian Arabs in Israel are the wealthiest group of people in Israel). So much for "Israeli apartheid" and other lies.

Truly, this brave man is righteous among the nations
Posted by MosheFeingold | Thu Apr 19, 2018, 11:13 AM (1 replies)

Murder of elderly woman in Paris probed as anti-Semitic

March 26, 2018


By: Associated Press

French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder. The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 times and her body was set on fire.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Monday two suspects have been put in custody. It said it is asking investigating judges to charge the pair with premeditated murder of a vulnerable person for anti-Semitic motives.

The office also asked for the suspects to be jailed pending trial.

Leading Jewish group CRIF said the 85-year-old woman was slain last week in Paris' eastern 11th district. The victim had reportedly escaped a round-up of Jews in Paris during World War II. The group says a neighbor who had previously made anti-Semitic statements was one of the people under arrest. They didn't confirm reports that the man was Muslim.

CRIF asked for "utmost transparency in the ongoing investigation so that the reasons for this barbaric crime are known to everyone as soon as possible."

The group plans a rally in her memory and support of her family on Wednesday.

The body was found the same day a gunmen killed several people in an attack on a supermarket in southern France.


Just another one of those daily "isolated" anti-Semitic attacks in Europe.

Please remove head from sand; I've been through this before.

Posted by MosheFeingold | Mon Mar 26, 2018, 02:56 PM (10 replies)
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