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Member since: Sun May 4, 2014, 02:40 AM
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Ok DUers, I need your help.

I am the one who posted, "fuck off" toward Michael Moore in this thread.


Apparently, some members took that as a personal insult. That was not my intention at all! As stated in that thread, I believe MM made that post for self-gain using the plight of the refugees.

If you have a different opinion, that's great! What I don't understand is the personal attacks dirieving from that post. I tried to ignore it but it seems to keep getting more and more.

So, it seems my presence in itself is disruptive to the community. I don't want that! So I come before the community to ask you your opinion.

Would you prefer that I go away or do I stay here and let things blow over?

To any host, I'm not trying to make a meta-thread. On the contrary, I wish to minimize the disruptions that I'm causing. I would ask that this stay open to allow the community to give their opinion. If indeed the consensus is for me to go, then I will. I do not wish to cause any problems for you, the community, or for Skinner. Thank you!

Netflix is DEAD!!!!

Ok, I may be overreacting a little bit, but it looks like a global outage. There goes movie night with the wife......

Is it ok to say I would want to punch Ted Cruz right in the face?

Or is that a no-no? I think my email was sold to his people and every dam day they send me a new request to have faith and make a sacrifice like he makes for us. My daily requested sacrifice is always the same. $1,000 $250 $100 $50 $35. This is a daily freaking email! I tried unsubscribing but it never seems to work.

So with that being said, I declare today Punch Ted Day! Stupid SOB.

Promoting an awesome kickstarter project

First off, I'm not sure exactly where to post this. If it needs moved, please let me know.

I have been following something called the openROV project for about a year and a half now. Basically, it was an open source project to create, develop, and program a personal underwater submarine, or drone if you prefer. I received an email yesterday about a new project design and they wanted to launch a kickstarter campaign for $50,000 starting at noon EST. I was excited for the new design and the amount of progress that has been made. Once the kickstarter opened, I pledged $700. In return, I should get my own unit within about a year. The reason I'm sharing this with you is there may be some members here that would be interested in such a thing but are unaware of its existence. I would invite anyone interested to just check it out. Who knows, maybe you'll want one too!


Go ahead, admit you're a racist

(CNN)A group of women were chatting and laughing together like old friends when the subject turned to race.

One of them said she was amazed that Donald Trump, while running for president, could get away with describing Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and "killers."

"If you kick every Latino out of this country," another chimed in, "then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?"

Someone gasped and there was an awkward pause. One of the group was of Puerto Rican descent and two others were African-American. They were all panelists on the ABC show, "The View," and their conversation before a studio audience was being broadcast live.

The woman whose comment derailed the perky talk-show banter was reality TV star Kelly Osbourne, who is white. She later took to Twitter to "take responsibility for my poor choice of words," but added, "I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT."

More at link:


Interesting read. So is racism something we can't escape do to society's preconceived notions? Sure there are people who are flat-out racist, but what about those of us, (all of us?), that have preconceived generalizations about others? How do we improve this as a species and is it possible to eliminate racism/sexism/otherisms completely?

I just received a fundraising email from Ted Cruz

How in the hell did they get my email? The email came from ted@tedcruz.org. Is that a real fundraising thing? It asks for up to $1,000. At the bottom of the email, it says I was added to their mailing list on Aug 21st with the option to unsubscribe. Is this legit? If so, did they buy my info from somewhere? Wtf?

On edit: this is the link that was attached to the unsubscribe button.


Edit: Adding copy of email

Cruz For President

I had to share this with you:

Likeliest Republican nominee as of today: @tedcruz. -- Ben

That's right: heavyweight conservative author, co-founder of RedState, co-founder of web magazine The Federalist, and writer behind conservative email blast The Transom -- Ben Domenech thinks we are most likely to win the Republican nomination.

And he's not the only one...the national media is starting to take notice too.

*******, here's why:

1) Americans are angry and sick of being used and lied to by the Washington Cartel.

2) The "electable" candidates are weak and falling short of expectations.

3) We've raised more money than anyone ever thought we could.

Together, we've proven that America is desperate for consistent conservatism.

But I can only win the Republican nomination if I know I have your support.

That's why I've asked my staff to put together these special "I'm With you TED" donation links. Click Here to Donate

If you are with me, I need you to make a special contribution right now...we must find a way to sustain the campaign at this critical time.

You see, we are five days from the end of August...and we are shy of the August budget by $32,504.

Can I count on your continued support?




"I'M WITH YOU TED" $1000

We have an uphill battle ahead of us, and I cannot do this without you.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz


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My apologies to CanadaexPat

I posted a response to that person in another thread that was meant to be light-hearted and funny. Unfortunately, it was not taken that way and the jury believed it should've been hidden.

I would like CanadaexPat to know that I am sorry and was only joking. To the alerter, my apologies as well.


I just received my Medicare card today.

I'm 33 years old and am on Caresource. The Medicare cards effective date is December 1st. How does this all work? Do I give up my Caresource or do I use Medicare as primary and CS as secondary? I'm in uncharted territory with this stuff. I never planned on being disabled this early in life.

I had my court hearing today. (Updated w/ chart)

Update 2: I received my approval letter in the mail today. Yay!

So after starting this process last year and receiving two paper denials, I went to court today and was found to be disabled under 3 different sections of disability law. Now I have to wait 60 days and then I will finally start to receive my funds.

This is an awesome flow chart that can help peopl visualize how hard the process is.

Scientists: Sun's irregular 'heartbeat' could mean future freeze

(CNN)Scientists have made a discovery about the sun's "heartbeat" that they say indicates that Earth's Northern Hemisphere will experience a deep freeze in 15 years.

The sun has a "solar heartbeat," or cycle of activity, that produces energy that causes sunspots and solar flares. Scientists at Northumbria University in northeast England developed a model that illustrates the history of these heartbeats and that predicts there will be irregularities in them. The model suggests that solar activity will fall by 60% during the 2030s.

More at link:

Once peer reviewed, this could go a long way in helping our species plan for future catastrophic events.

ETA: From the article

He said the research shouldn't give anyone the idea that because the weather may cool, climate change is not something to be worried about.

This isn't some RW talking point trying to debunk global warming. This was a study that I found interesting and thought I would share with the community.
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