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Member since: Fri May 9, 2014, 12:04 PM
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Moderate exercise found to help breast cancer patients recover (40% lower mortality)


While going through treatment for breast cancer, many women are nauseated, sore, hormonal and cranky — and exercising is not on the top of their to-do list.

But doctors are recommending that they prioritize it to increase their chances of beating breast cancer, improving their mood and making sure the cancer doesn’t return.

“The largest study to date followed survivors over five years and found that one to two hours of brisk walking per week was associated with 40 percent lower risk of death overall compared with those who were less active,” said Susan Brown, managing director of health and mission program education at Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

A 2011 meta-analysis of studies found that the mortality rate for breast cancer was 34 percent lower for women who were very active when compared with women with breast cancer who weren’t active.

Auschwitz Forgotten Evidence 5 of 5 (Aerial Photos)


part 2

part 3



2nd must see

Must see

Your Weekly Sunday Quiz #21

Yes, its that time again. Another quiz.
"C" if you can figure out the answers.
And no cheating.

The answers are:

B. Hamas
C. Both
D. Neither

___ 1. This group rules by violence, intimidation, murder and barbarism.

___ 2. In their own perverted interpretation of the Koran, they hang and kill gays without hesitation.

___ 3. They view women as 2nd class citizens who are subservient to men.

___ 4. They want to erase/ eliminate / murder all people in their domain who do not subscribe to their own religion.

___ 5. Some of them have called for a 2nd Holocaust against jews...because they are jews.

___ 6. They use media to recruit children to become jihadists and kill their "enemy". (war crime)

___ 7. They view Freedom of Assembly as punishable by death.

____8. Freedom of Speech is absolutely forbidden.

____ 9. They are considered a terrorist group .

____10. They commit crimes against humanity by torturing innocent people with rubber generator belts or cables, torturing people with electric shocks or dragging them by motorcycles as a form of intimidation.

And for extra credit.

___11.There are people who , rather than blame these acts by this group, put the blame on the US or Israel.

Next week quiz: #22.... Reality vs Fear mongering.

Big Surprise!! Pak.Taliban swears allegiance to Islamic State


Believed to be the first jihadi defection to Islamic State outside of Middle East, move emphasises growing influence of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's self-declared caliph and the waning hold of al-Qaeda

CAIR hold Large Anti-ISIS rally in Houston... 10 people show up.

Islamic State committing 'staggering' violations against humanity in Iraq: UN report


A United Nations report has provided new evidence of what it calls a staggering list of human rights abuses by Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.

It revealed systematic violations carried out since IS began its advance across Iraq in July.

The report, based on 500 interviews, provides evidence of mass executions, the kidnapping of women and girls to use as sex slaves, and the use of child soldiers.

"This report is terrifying," the UN's special representative for Iraq Nickolay Mladenov said.

The report detailed how Iraqi police officers, soldiers and journalists had been killed in a series of mass executions.

5 things we get wrong about breast cancer

1. Using Deodorant Causes Breast Cancer
2. Wearing an Underwire Bra —or Any Bra —Causes Cancer
3. If I Have Cancer in One Breast, A Double Mastectomy Will Save My Life
4. Exposing Cancer to Air Will Cause it to Spread
5. I Can’t Do Anything To Reduce My Risk


NFL continues reach for female fans through breast cancer awareness


The NFL's annual breast cancer awareness campaign, always in October, has long been the league's most substantial plan to appeal to women.

Stadiums will be awash in pink starting Thursday when the Minnesota Vikings visit the Green Bay Packers.

With the NFL under attack over its handling of players accused of domestic violence, its efforts to raise awareness toward breast cancer could fall flat; after all, the off-the-field trouble led Procter and Gamble to remove its sponsorship of the event.

"It will be harder to take it seriously, absolutely," said Anne Osborne, an associate professor of communications at Syracuse who has spent the past five years researching the NFL's female fan base. "I think even before all of this, you would hear people routinely say that they don't get the connection between football and breast cancer. It's not a natural connection. For some people it seemed like just a PR effort to acknowledge women's presence around football. Now in light of all of this, it will ring as sort of hollow."
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