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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 9,294

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If these clowns had been in charge of D-Day

We'd all be speaking German.

Had to do a double take on the white flag behind Dence's podium.

Thought for a split second it was a Klan robe the way it was hanging all pointy like with that star in the front that looked like an eye hole.

Coronavirus is a real time example for magats and other rwnjs

on why we need universal health care. If you want to protect yourself and your other family members limiting the number of people who don't see a doctor and are walking around with it, or other viruses like it, is critical. They may provide health insurance for themselves and their children but to fully protect themselves and their children universal health care coverage is required.

This may be an argument even a magat can grasp.

Pete to make announcement at 830 ET tonight.


One of the most iconic events I've ever seen was in Selma, Alabama 5 years ago.

I was watching the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday on tv. All the guests were assembled and waiting for our last real president to arrive. The tv camera was focused on the apex of the bridge and then, after dozens of vehicles came into view and proceeded over the bridge, the Beast carrying President Barack Obama appeared. Our first black president. Fifty years later! What an emotional sight to see!

Fucking Pence is a cartoon character.

CNN Breaaking News: First US Coronavirus death confirmed in Washington State.

MSNBC is reporting that it was a 19 year old male.

Classic Larry Summers reaction to Kudlow's investing advise on Erin Burnett. LOL

"The president's economic adviser is giving day trading advise?...Ask yourself, he he thought stocks were going down would he tell you?"

He all but said that Kudlow is nothing but a fool and boot licker.

Breaking: Another coronavirus case confirmed in CA from unknown origin.


Adding link to Wapo story:


Bloomberg's already got an ad on slamming Ass Clown for slashing the CDC's budget and for

not being prepared for the pandemic.

Damn, these people are good!

Keep it up Mike.

And #44, Barack Obama, is at the scorer's table getting ready to check in!

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