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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 02:21 AM
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GQOP Birth Control-Stay Pregnant

Dingaling Coney Barrett says pregnancy isn't a burden for women. She is a liar.

My unplanned pregnancy resulted in the birth of multiples. To maintain the health of the babies I had to quit my job at month five because of contractions. At month seven I had to leave my home, move 75 miles away, and move in with relatives to be closer to high risk medical care.

I was put on bed rest to protect me and the babies. But for me it meant the couch in my relative's living room. They took good care of me but don't tell me that the pregnancy was not a burden for me or my relatives. My spouse couldn't be uprooted so we couldn't even see each other with any frequency.

Women like Barrett or Rachel Duffy grunt out babies like it is their white-given right to over populate. Their choice of pregnancy as birth control is repugnant to me.
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