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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,836

Journal Archives

I sincerely hope Rachel Maddow takes some time off.

She looked absolutely exhausted last night not to mention completely disgusted with the bumbling response to the trump virus. She looked like she was going to break down any second. Then at the end of the show she did. Get far away with loved one and do some fishing and reflection, you're too good to lose. Peace ✌

I wonder if with the bailouts promised to the

cruise, hotel, airlines etc. is the help going to the employees who lose employment for months or more or the CEO's and stockholders pockets. I'm a school bus driver who is hoping they don't close the schools. Maybe I can get unemployment benefits.

Another election and no healthcare for all.

It should be done it can be done but because of the demon in the White House people are afraid to go there and lose the election. Maybe next time, maybe next time. If Biden wins I hope he keeps his promise to expand Obama care to be what is was to be.

I get the politics of it and why he ended his presidential campaign

but I'm so disappointed. Pete was the only candidate I was inspired to vote for. None of the others do that for me. Unless something happens I will lay back see who gets the nomination and vote. I think we missed a moment here and I hope something does happen to get me enthused again. Blue no matter who. Good nite.

As an old fart I find it sad

with all the discussion about the health of our elder candidates why is it also said that Buttigieg is too young. What is the correct age ?

Went into a newly remodeled Burger King the other day

and playing on the big flag screen was Newsmax tv. Is this a BK policy of just a franchise choice ?

The GOP Senate has escaped any and all responsibility for allowing

Trump to remain in power. Since trump is committing impeachable offenses it seems weekly like judge and jury tampering in the Stone case to more quid pro quo in the Julian Assange pardon/prosecute. I suggest the same Democratic members who worked on the impeachment assemble and present to the GOP senators and the MEDIA 1 or 2 offenses a week and ask them if they would vote to remove now ? Then rinse and repeat every week. It's important to get as many on the record what it would take to remove the criminal. The Democratic Party has to keep hammering away at the damage the republicans are doing. Instead of bashing our own candidates keep the pressure on trump and the complete lawlessness that is happening. If voters keep seeing the shit he is doing then possibly we won't have to worry about who can beat trump. They all could.

Trump is running for re-election also,

why aren't the liberal press asking him about his healthcare plan, about his deficit solutions, his plan for the homeless, his forgien policy plans, his plan for income inequality solution and on and on. The fair media will surely press him and his administration for details and fact check the positions they put forth. Saying "we'll see what happens" and "we're doing a lot of things" or "a lot of people are saying our plan is the best and biggest" should not be accepted. People need to hear both sides positions and plans if they have one. Show him for the fraud he is and we could have a chance.

I don't get all the negative posts about Bernie.

This is the Democratic primaries and like it or not this is the way it's done. Isn't letting voters decide what we have been asking for ? I certainly would like my chosen candidate to win but unless someone shows me something is amiss here then we have to let it play out. It's still early and whomever becomes the nominee will have to work within the party to put forth their agenda. If we continue to work to get out the vote then we will beat Trump. If we continue to look defeated and disappointed with our candidates how do we expect voters to be enthused.
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