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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,416

Journal Archives

When are we as a country going to stop the games ? The

amount of corruption, lying, cheating, bribery, in politics and government in general is the norm now. There are enough criminals from the trump administration to fill their own prison. The fact the Department of Justice is going along with the constant appeals the insane judicial rulings the made up rules on when and who can be investigated for obvious crimes and malfeasance all do nothing to enforce the rules of law for a certain few. I'm rambling but the law and constitution is being degraded by lawyers, judges and politicians who don't care they have taken an oath to the country and profession. Meanwhile privileged criminals are free to live in society committing crimes with no consequences at all. And why shouldn't they ? If you are a parent you will find out soon enough what happens when children have no rules and no consequences for their actions. Please people vote for those who respect the government and what to make it better not kill it.

It's been 21 or so months since tfg was tossed out

of the White House. There are so many crimes he/they committed that he could have been charged with but still nothing. In light of the judges ruling today he needs to be charged for something soon. IMO the DOJ or Georgia AG or New York AG has to act now. If not once again after having my hopes raised after the 1/6 hearings and the search of magalargo the Mueller investigation as far as trump goes wake me when it's over however it turns out.

It's time to bring charges against trump.

Bring him in for interrogation. Might as well bring Meadows and the others who asked for pardons in for a chat. See who flips 1st.

Republicans in the Senate

are getting the ruby red asses handed to the for not passing the PACT act. Not only by John Stewart but other members of congress. Especially the 30 republicans who flipped their vote from yea to nay. Maybe members of the military will finally see how unimportant they are in republican eyes.

I hope I'm still alive to see

Trump and all the other republicans traitors who have crawled from the mud since suffer Mussolini's fate and are hung upside down from the nearest tree. Have a great 4th everyone.

So what the trump administration and Republicans have brought us is

a president who has told the most lies of any president ever, any person ever. We have a Republican congress that lies about everything and the majority supports the big lie to this day. Now we have a Supreme Court who's members installed by trump lied during their confirmation hearings regarding abortion and other things. So that's what we have become and nation led by lies. Congratulations.

I bet if they look hard enough

they will find all member of the Capitol tour were present on 1/06.

Question, since trump is shown to have spread the big lie

even though he knew it wasn't true can faux news and it's personalities who also spread the big lie even though they knew it was a lie be also held accountable for the attack on the Capitol ?

I posted the other day about gas by me going

from 4.85 to 5.50 per gallon overnight. Now about a week later just went up this afternoon to 5.89 per gallon. That's 1.00 dollars a gallon in a couple of weeks. Now have we gone to war somewhere I don't know about ? Have all the refineries in America shut down ? What the ever loving fuck is going on ? How can they get away with this ? Is anyone going to stop this outright gouging ?
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