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The plot thickens in the Nisman case: car leads to more Intelligence questions

Buenos Aires Herald
Published Saturday January 25, 2015.

The late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman drove an Audi that belonged to the company Palermopack SA, whose owner is the son-in-law of Hugo Anzorreguy. Anzorreguy led the Intelligence Secretariat (SI, formerly known as SIDE) during Carlos Menem’s tenure, and was being investigated by Nisman for having covered up the 1994 AMIA terrorist attack that killed 85 people.

Palermopack, the company that owned the car used by the late prosecutor, is run by Fabián Aníbal Picon, Anzorreguy’s son-in-law, according to information confirmed by former Airport Security Police (PSA) chief Marcelo Sain. Picon is allegedly linked to Eugenio “Pipo” Ecke, who reportedly worked for former CIA agent Frank Holder.

Relatives of the victims of the AMIA bombing were tapped. Former Metropolitan Police head Jorge “Fino” Palacios, who also took part in the inquiry into the AMIA attack, was accused of recording phone conversations of opposition politicians (those opposed to the current right-wing mayor, Mauricio Macri). Nisman also accused Palacios of being involved in a plot to cover up the attack.

Source: http://buenosairesherald.com/article/180288/car-leads-to-more-intelligence-questions

Nothing new: Nisman's report fails to fan flames of conspiracy.


A complaint with no proof, but chock full of politically-charged assertions contradicted by both established fact and Interpol.

How do you say Benghazi in Spanish?
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