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Member since: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 01:42 AM
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Are you guys going to watch the live youtube interview with Obama?

Is there a way we as a group can pose a question to him?

I would love to get into a TPP question and answer session .

Lets hope the people who interview him are not into softball questions and really press him on this.

St. Louis County Police Release Footage Of Looting In Ferguson Grand Jury Aftermath


Dellwood Market owner Mumtaz Lalani said the ransacking in November was the third time since August that his market had been looted, and that he has no plans to rebuild

St. Louis County police seek to identify this man and roughly 180 other people who allegedly burglarized a market on Nov. 24

Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead .The U.S. drone program under President Barack Obama

The U.S. drone program under President Barack Obama reached its fifth anniversary on Thursday having tallied up an estimated death toll of at least 2,400 people.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued a pair of reports in October fiercely criticizing the secrecy that shrouds the administration's drone program, and calling for investigations into the deaths of drone victims with no apparent connection to terrorism. In Pakistan alone, TBIJ estimates, between 416 and 951 civilians, including 168 to 200 children, have been killed.


The 10 safest states in the nation, 2015 Did you make the list? I didn't

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