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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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Trump's Russia Bounty Story Falls Apart As Military Tried To Protect Troops

From the article:

As more outlets have confirmed the initial report that the Russians placed a bounty on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan, Trump’s claims of fake news are collapsing. The White House tried to claim that Trump wasn’t briefed, but the Office of the Director of National Intelligence won’t say whether or not Trump was given a written briefing that he ignored.

If the Russian bounty on US troops was “fake news” as the President claimed on Twitter, why did the military take steps to try to protect US forces in Afghanistan?

To read more:


Trump has lied over 20,000 times, and the lies are collapsing under the weight of reality. Except, of course, for the 37% of Trump true believers.

Mike Pence Praises Greg Abbott For Causing Texas Virus Surge

From the article:

Pence said:
I also want to commend the governor for — for your decisive action. Reopening this economy, which began in early May, is a tribute to your leadership and the steady progress in — in putting Texas back to work. It’s something every Texan can be proud of.

To read/watch more:


The Orange Parade.

Not the one in N. Ireland. This is a joke that I received today from a friend. And it is:

An assistant to Donald Trump told him she had a fantastic dream last

There was a huge parade down Pennsylvania Avenue celebrating Trump.

Millions lined the parade route, cheering when the President went past.

Bands were playing; children were throwing confetti into the air; there
were balloons everywhere.


Trump was very impressed and said, "That's really great!

By the way, how did I look in your dream? Was my hair okay?"

His assistant said, "I couldn't tell, the casket was closed."

Is there a Noble Prize for incoherence?

If there is, I nominate Donald J Trump.

Steve Schmidt Unloads On The White House For Covering Up Trump's Declining Health

From the article:

Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt ripped the White House on Tuesday for running a massive cover-up of Donald Trump’s declining physical and mental health.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Schmidt said the president’s health is clearly deteriorating before our eyes, pointing out that Trump “routinely slurs” and is “often confused.”
“The enfeeblement of the president is something we’re all watching happen before our eyes,” Schmidt said. “The Donald Trump of 2020 is a different Donald Trump than he was in 2016.”

To read/see more:


In many ways, Trump 2020 is identical to Trump 2016. He is still the same ignorant, racist, misogynistic clown.

Sweating, Rambling Trump Launches Into Racist Tirade Over The Coronavirus

From the article:

An excerpt of Trump’s racist tirade:
You ever notice – I said the other night. Did anybody see my speech the other night, on Saturday night? What I said the other night, there’s never been anything where they have so many names. I could give you 19 or 20 names for that, right? It’s got all different names. Wuhan. Wuhan was catching on. Coronavirus, right? Kung flu. Kung flu. COVID. COVID-19. Covid. I say what’s the 19? COVID-19. Some people can’t explain what the 19 — give me. COVID-19. I said that’a an odd name. I could give you many, many names. Some people call it the Chinese flu, the China flu. … I’ve never seen anything like it, but here’s the story: We are going to be stronger than ever before and it’s going to be soon.

To read/see more:


Meanwhile, as Trump visibly deteriorates, the leadership of the GOP pretends that all is well.

Trump Wasted An Entire White House Meeting Trying To Convince His Aides That He's Mentally Fit

From the article:

According to The Washington Post, “The early June meeting in the Cabinet Room was intended as a general update on President Trump’s reelection campaign, but the president had other topics on his mind.”
In the meeting, Trump rambled about how well he did on a cognitive exam two years ago and even proposed challenging former Vice President Joe Biden to take the same test.

To read more:


So the self proclaimed stable genius feels a need to convince his own staff that he is, indeed, a stable genius.

Trump Thought 60,000 People Would Show Up In Tulsa, But Only 6,000 Did

From the article:

The Trump campaign thought that their worst-case scenario was a crowd of 60,000 for his Tulsa rally, but they were 54,000 short.

Via Politico:
Still, interest in the event was high. About 1.1 million people registered to attend, forcing aides to begin making plans to stage an added outdoor event. Aides knew the 1.1 million figure was inflated: After sorting through the sign-ups — a process that included looking at registrants’ voting histories — they determined that about 300,000 were fake.

To read more:


Every day, Trump loses his battle with the English language.

Spelling defeats him, grammar totally escapes him, and logic is always missing in action.

And yet, in spite of the fact that Trump reveals his utter ignorance of nearly everything on a daily basis, 37% continue to support him.

'VeggieTales' creator Phil Vischer releases viral video on race in America

From the article:

Earlier this week, Phil Vischer — creator of “VeggieTales” and voice of Bob the Tomato in the popular Christian animated series — posted a now viral video called “Race in America” that attempts to answer the question: “Why are people so angry?”
Filled with graphics, photo montages and factoids— and a few comic asides — that make the concept of systemic racism accessible for all ages, the 17-minute tutorial had garnered more than 2.8 million views by Friday (June 19).
“The average Black household has one-tenth the wealth of the average white household,” Vischer said in the video. “This didn’t happen by accident. It happened by policy.”

To read/watch more:


A very concise video.
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