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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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It is heartening to see teachers picketing and striking,

and fighting back.

I remember when a certain candidate for President talked about lacing up his marching boots and walking on that line in support of union workers.

Now that the President in question is retired, when will we see him walking that picket line and lending his influence to the workers movement?


Smeared for speaking the truth

from the article:

Award-winning Arab-American author and activist Randa Jarrar (Fresno State Department of English)
RANDA JARRAR, a professor of English at Fresno State, is in the crosshairs of a widespread public outcry from across the political spectrum and even including those who say they are defenders of academic freedom.
After the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, Jarrar tweeted that she was "an amazing racist, who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal."

And there is this as well:

Barbara Bush shouldn't get special treatment because the media has settled on an image of her as a gentle, grandmotherly woman. She did indeed express racist ideas and supported racist policies, and her husband and son truly are guilty of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To read more:


Tenure and the First Amendment are meaningless if this type of attempted censorship is allowed to determine what speech we find to be publicly acceptable.

Bizarre news: Bid to toughen Louisiana anti-bestiality law draws pushback

From the article:

In Louisiana, a proposal to strengthen the law against bestiality is facing unexpected opposition from conservative lawmakers who see it as an underhanded move to strike the state’s unconstitutional ban on sodomy.

To read more:


Will Trump nominate Bill Cosby to a Cabinet level post?

They do seem to have some behavioral commonalities.

BOOK REVIEW: American Islamophobia Language of The Oppressed

From the article:

American Islamophobia is a critical examination and explication of the multifaceted endeavor to dehumanize a diverse population of people based on their faith as well as its historical connections to the country’s tenacious racial oppression systems.

To read more:


What Interfaith Means to Me

From the article:

I belong to the local Interfaith Council. I deeply believe in interfaith unity. I believe all our religions have something in common despite our differences. We all strive for the common good, and for some small way to contribute to this earth. We share a brotherhood, that we are all human beings. When we feel that we are better than others due to our faith, major conflicts come in. This has created wars and persecution. Let God be the judge. Let us feel and tolerate, practice compassion and empathy. We should try to learn what we don’t know about the other.

I would extend that unity to all, not just believers.

To read more:


Good news: Germans don skullcaps to protest anti-Semitism

From the article:

Germans of various faiths donned Jewish skullcaps and took to the streets in several cities to protest an anti-Semitic attack in Berlin and express fears about growing hatred of Jews in the country.


More than 2,000 people — Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists — put on kippas in a show of solidarity in Berlin.

To read more:


Pie in the sky and unworkable plans.

Bernie Sanders has proposed free college, and single payer, and many other things. A typical response to these and other progressive ideas is that what is proposed is pie in the sky, or unworkable, or the American people will never accept that.

What follows is a short list of what were once unacceptable ideas that are now acceptable.

Women voting.

Black people voting.

Young children not working.

The 8 hour day.

Vacations for workers.

Retirement for workers instead of dying on the job.

Schooling for workers.

Women rnuning for political office.

I could continue, but the point is that the right has been framing the narrative for 50 years, telling us all what is workable and what is unrealistic.

What is unworkable is cautious tinkering with a broken system.
What is unworkable is spending a trillion dollars a year on the war budget while the infrastructure decays.
What is unworkable is millions with little or no access to healthcare while the insurance industries are making record profits.
What is unworkable is constantly cutting taxes on the rich and telling the bottom 90% to make do with less.

We need a new definition for unworkable the reflects the reality of life in the US in 2018.

Embracing 'the Sort of Bold Thinking We Need,' Sanders to Introduce Plan:

From the article:

Embracing 'the Sort of Bold Thinking We Need,' Sanders to Introduce Plan to Guarantee Every American a Job...

With the goal of eliminating "working poverty and involuntary unemployment," driving up wages, and curtailing income inequality, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is reportedly planning to introduce a federal jobs guarantee that would provide decent-paying employment to every American "who wants or needs" it.

To read more:


The Democrats need a bold agenda. This is one part of a bold agenda.

Being anti-Trump is intuitive, but there is a need for solutions as well. When FDR rolled out his plans, the GOP opposed everything as unworkable and unrealistic. But the New Deal ushered in an era of remarkable prosperity that only stopped when Reagan started the roll back of the New Deal.

Hate crimes against American Muslims up 15%, says CAIR

From the article:

Hate crimes targeting American Muslims increased by 15 percent nationwide in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to a report released Monday, April 23 by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a trend which members of the advocacy group say is reflected in Southern California.

To read more:

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