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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
Number of posts: 8,158

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2016 National Democratic Primary - Clinton 50%, Sanders 43% (NBC News/SurveyMonkey 4/11-4/17)

2016 National Democratic Primary
Asked of Democratic registered voters
Hillary Clinton (D) 50%
Bernie Sanders (D) 43%
Undecided 7%


Bernie Sanders bashes New York election law

Bernie Sanders on Monday slammed the election law that will prevent independent voters from casting votes in New York's primary on Tuesday.

"It's bad New York state election law. What it says to the many hundreds of thousands or more independents who would like to vote tomorrow for me or for anybody else -- they' can't participate," the presidential candidate said on "CBS This Morning."

"I think that that's wrong and that does hurt us because we win independent voters about two to one," Sanders added, in effect lowering expectations a little for the outcome.

Only registered Democrats and Republicans can participate in their respective party's primary on Tuesday in New York. Every state sets its own rules, and one of the reasons why Sanders has performed well in states that hold caucuses is because independents are usually allowed to participate. A CBS News battleground tracker poll released Sunday found that Clinton has a 10-percentage-point lead ahead of Sanders in New York 53 to 43 percent.

Asked how bad the Democratic primary process is in terms of delegate allocation, Sanders said, "I have serious problems with it. You know, this is the establishment, folks."


2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary - Hillary 55%, Bernie 40% (4/16-4/17)



Same s***, different debate.

Everybody wants more debates...until they happen.

These two are polished in their arguments --- their performances don't vary much from one debate to the next.

Add the annoying audience yipping and, well, I'm busy doing laundry - this is rather boring.

Bernie Sanders’ Rally in New York City Is Insanely Large (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people are lined up tonight to see Bernie Sanders and a star-studded opening lineup in New York City for one of his biggest rallies yet. (Rachel quoted 27k)

More at link: http://usuncut.com/politics/bernie-sanders-washington-square-park/

POLL UPDATE 2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary - Clinton 52%, Sanders 42% (Siena College)

(Siena College 4/6-4/11)
Population 538 Likely Voters - Democrat
Margin of Error ±4.5 percentage points
Polling Method Live Phone


New Emerson 2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary H56, B38 (4/6-4/7)


Poll specifics here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/3bebb2_b5e76b2074da42c997193908b170981b.pdf

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: Myth Vs. Fact

OMFG, my stomach hurts

(I hope people find this funny - is satire allowed in GDP?)

Tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell segment on the "unqualified" statement tonight in PA

Sanders: Clinton not qualified for president

Sen. Bernie Sanders caused political shockwaves during a campaign event in Philadelphia Wednesday night when he said he does not believe Hillary Clinton is qualified for the presidency. Lawrence discusses the breaking news with David Corn and Jonathan Allen.

Duration: 11:53


More statistical noise in national polls

Morning Consult NEW! 4/1 - 4/3 884 RV H47 B39
Morning Consult 3/24 - 3/26 931 RV H50 B39


NBC/SurveyMonkey NEW! 3/28 - 4/3 4,292 RV H51 B42
NBC/SurveyMonkey 3/21 - 3/27 1,922 RV H49 B43


I thought they'd all have switched to LV results by now?
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