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Fast Walker 52

Fast Walker 52's Journal
Fast Walker 52's Journal
December 31, 2016

Does Trump have idea any how many people absolutely loath him?

I would guess he doesn't, but a related question is does he have any clue WHY people are upset with him?

How much of a bubble is he in?

December 30, 2016

Now --more than ever-- we need to see Trump's income taxes

Trump is running the highest stakes gamble possible, a con on a global stage.

He is DEEP in debt with Russia and he owes them. So they help him get elected to do their bidding and now he's pulling everyone along on this incredibly treasonous gamble to do Putin's bidding in order to cover his debts.

The GOP has fallen behind this guy, all because he easily manipulated their base (they've been programmed to believe his crap after years of rightwing radio and FoxNews BS) and he's gotten elected POTUS (with the help of Russian aid).

It's freaking insanity, it's the plot of thriller movie. But it seems to be real life.

However-- it could come crashing down so easily if we pull the right threads, and the GOP would be absolutely ruined as a party, after they backed him throughout this campaign.

We NEED TO SEE HIS TAXES. That is the thread we need to pull.

How incredibly wrong is it, that we haven't seen his taxes yet??? They HAVE to be shown. We must DEMAND it.

December 30, 2016

"Fuck you, Donald Trump" by Chris Cluwe


Fuck you for being a hypersensitive, grossly plump caricature of a human being; a squirming mass of cockroaches lurking under a skinsuit veneer.

Fuck your wanton plundering of our social fabric, your willingness to tear down the structure that allows you to exist, your glorification of the worst parts of humanity, all in the name of your own insatiable greed and depravity.

Fuck your racebaiting, fearmongering, Nazi-enabling rhetoric that allows the darkest and most destructive corners of our collective zeitgeist free reign to terrorize the rest.

Fuck your ignorant paucity of intellect, your narcissistic belief in your own ego, your inability to recognize your own descent into fascism.

Fuck your promotions of white supremacists to positions of power, of science denying crackpots to oversee our future, of bootlicking toadies to oversee your transition.

Fuck your misogynistic views on women’s rights, fuck your archaic beliefs on the freedom of press and religion, and fuck your idiotic venality when it comes to the destruction of a country that, while not always achieving freedom for all of its citizens, has done the best to get there in the entirety of recorded human history.

Fuck you, Melania Trump.

Fuck you for being willing to support this disgusting slime mold because it means you can live a life of privilege and luxury, never mind the hardships that will befall women across this nation due to your husband’s philistinic views.

Fuck you for posing for puff pieces in entertainment magazines while the cabal of shitgoblins your partner is assembling gets ready to reverse everything that has allowed you to possess even the most moderate amount of power.

Fuck you for taking the easy choice, the choice to suck the dick of a loathsome troll in order to wear Hugo Boss dresses, instead of taking a stand in order to protect the fifty percent of our population who shares your gender.

Fuck you for smiling and waving at the cameras when your husband is on record as saying, “Grab them (women) by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Fuck your betrayal of everything Susan B. Anthony and other suffragettes fought for, fuck your tacit acceptance that a woman should be an accessory to a man, fuck your self-centered interest in insuring your own well-being over the well-being of the country that allows you such a lifestyle.

Fuck you, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr.

Fuck you for being willing lackeys of this pusillanimous ape, for carrying his water on television and in media interviews.

and it continues in that vein. It's quite cathartic.
December 29, 2016

One unexpected result of the 2016 presidential election ...

I've become more trusting of the government (even the dreaded CIA) and more understanding of centrist Dems like Hillary. Also I've become much less distrusting of most alternative news sites that I used to go to because they told a story I liked or because the story was more sensational.

I think the general kookiness of Trump and his cabinet made me realize how important it is to have good journalism and good information, and to have people grounded in reality. Also, I realized how balance is important when dealing with wild stories about a person or a US policy.

Also in the aftermath of the election, I've developed some annoyance with Bernie Sanders (whom I initially supported), and a great deal of annoyance with a lot of people on the far left.

But really, the greater faith in government I've developed is a big surprise, and going forward with President Trump, I will lose a great deal of faith in whatever comes from the executive office.

December 29, 2016

What's the bottom line on possible election fraud, the recounts, and voter suppression stories?

Has anyone tried to sum up what happened particularly in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?

I assume the recounts, to the extent they could go forward, didn't change anything significant, but also couldn't detect machine manipulation?

What about stories of AA vote suppression in Detroit and Greg Palast's cross-check story ? Is he the only one really talking about that?

December 26, 2016

Americans-- you had one job: keep the crazy guy away from the nuclear weapons.


Apart from the horrifying destruction of civilization, it kills me that this asshole and his stupid family would survive a nuclear holocaust, because he's the president.

It's like everything he touches turns to shit but he walks away unscathed... arrrggghhh

December 23, 2016

what are the political norms now, anyway?

I'm curious what are the political norms now, in the age of Trump, anyway?

So open racism, bigotry, sexual banter, cheating on your wife, corruption ... it's all good now?

Is this new life for disgraced pols like John Edwards and all these people?

Who can really be considered unelectable any more?

December 22, 2016

Conservatives who say "Now Democrats know what Republicans felt like in 2008"

I've heard this a lot from conservatives, this piece is a good example:

However this line drives me crazy because as we well know, Trump and Obama are nothing like at all, except for maybe having a bit of cult of personality about them.

Obama was never so amazingly dishonest, so vulgar, so mean, so angry, so erratic, so hostile to the press, so ignorant, he never associated with true racists, etc.

Obama also won his election handily, for good reason, with no tricks, and of course governed with great calm and dignity and balance.


December 22, 2016

Is there anything Trump could do that would make him lose support of the majority of Republicans?

Really, I think the only political question I have right now is this.

I have a whole long list of horrifying things he could easily do, things he's even said he would do, even illegal things, that I don't think would lose him majority Republican support.

I honestly can't think of one thing he could do that they wouldn't rationalize as okay because he's their guy.

Rounding up Muslims and transgenders and having summary executions in the street? Nah, they'd love that.

Dropping nukes in Iraq? Oh, they'd love that.

Dropping a nuke on Hollywood? Somehow, I think his base would love that or could be convinced it was the right thing to do.

Trumpism can only be failed by the country, it can never fail itself. And we know the extreme psychopathy of Trump himself.

The only thing I can see that would cause his die-hard support to change is if he started a nuclear war. But that's only because most of his supporters will get obliterated.

This is not going to end well.

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