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Member since: Thu Jul 9, 2015, 10:52 AM
Number of posts: 22,413

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Virginia House of Delegates still hangs in the balance

Figures current as of 10:30 AM ET on November 8.

Virginia House of Delegates
Party As of November 7, 2017 After November 7, 2017
Democratic Party 34 48
Republican Party 66 47
Too close to call - 5
Total 100 100

November 8, 10:30 AM ET: Five races remained too close to call. In District 27, Roxann Robinson (R) has a 124-vote lead over Larry Barnett (D). In District 28, Robert Thomas Jr. (R) has an 86-vote lead over Joshua Cole (D). In District 40, Donte Tanner (D) has a 68-vote lead over Tim Hugo (R). In District 68, Dawn Adams (D) has a 326-vote lead over Manoli Loupassi (R). In District 94, David Yancey (R) has a 12-vote lead over Shelly Simonds (D).


Vicious trans-phobe ousted by...a transgender woman!

I guess Bathroom Boy Bobbie was right to be afraid of transgender people!

Posted by lagomorph777 | Wed Nov 8, 2017, 10:18 AM (4 replies)

On the brink of Nuclear War, a few miles from the DMZ, Trump promotes his golf course.


I can't even come up with words to describe how sick this makes me.
Posted by lagomorph777 | Wed Nov 8, 2017, 10:13 AM (3 replies)

Poll: Views of Democratic Party hit lowest mark in 25 years

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter century of polling, ...

Only 37% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Democrats, down from 44% in March of this year. A majority, 54%, have an unfavorable view, matching their highest mark in polls from CNN and SSRS, CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup stretching back to 1992.
But the Republican Party isn't doing any better, with just 30% of Americans holding a favorable view. That's essentially the same as September, when the rating hit its lowest point in polling back to 1992, but down from 42% in March. A broad 6 in 10, 61%, have an unfavorable opinion.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/07/politics/cnn-poll-republicans-democrats-taxes/index.html

Nice try, CNN. So the RePutins are also at their worst polling in 25 years, and it is substantially worse than the Democrats, but you picked Democrats as the headline?

Rather blatant bias, don't you think?

I'm seeing a lot of "We should just give up" posts

How do I look up a poster's history to see if this is a pattern that I should flag?

Vanity Fair: Trump blaming Kushner for Mueller investigation

Source: Vanity Fair (via The Hill)

President Trump is reportedly blaming White House adviser Jared Kushner for his role in decisions that led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a new report by Vanity Fair.

In a call Tuesday to former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, Trump put blame on Kushner for the part he took in choices to fire former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI director James Comey, Vanity Fair reported.

Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally, also recently said Kushner wasn't giving Trump good advice — a sentiment which Trump reportedly agreed with, according to someone familiar with the conversation.

Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide to President Trump who was fired, echoed the statement.
“Jared is the worst political adviser in the White House in modern history,” Nunberg said.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/358248-vanity-fair-trump-blaming-kushner-for-mueller-investigation

Paranoia and blaming is reaching a new peak in Turd's White House.

Posted by lagomorph777 | Wed Nov 1, 2017, 02:44 PM (3 replies)

So...Papadopoulos has been wearing a wire for months (apparently)...

and that will obviously freak out a lot of Turd's minions. But their next thought is going to be "I wonder who else is wired?" Suspicion and paranoia will destroy their cohesion.

Trump O'Lantern

Stinky Zinke smells of Whitefish.

This is going to be his undoing.

MAGA: Make America Go Away

Every morning, Pres. Turd wakes up and thinks up 5 new ways to destroy America on behalf of his boss, Vlad the Impostor.

Destroy all those brown Americans in Puwerrrto RrrIco!
Destroy our public education system!
Destroy our health!
Transfer our wealth!
Destroy our military AND their families!

Make America Go Away! You can buy the hat (Made in 'gina) for only $40.

But wait, there's more...
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