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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 08:42 PM
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What happened to Hillary's supposed Russian uranium deal?

What happened to Hillary's supposed Russian uranium deal?

Trump and our republicans/conservatives falsely whine that Hillary gave 20% of our uranium to Russia.

Did Trump cancel the deal or is it now ok with the republicans/conservatives?

The current republican meme is: Russia is our friend.

How to Build Trump's Wall - Privatize It

How to Build Trumpís Wall - Privatize It

Republicans have often found a way to tax people surreptitiously by privatizing many public works projects to corporations rather than have govít pay for it. A fee is a tax under another name.

The corporations/investors are granted a multi-year license with a guaranteed profit.

This could also be done with Trumpís Wall with Mexico.

Corporations/investors front the money to build it and they will be paid by Mexico.

It gives republicans a chance to save the govít money and show their confidence in Trumpís word that Mexico will pay for it by investing in it.

No govít backed bonds.

No cost to the govít,,, no need for taxes,,, profit for the patriotic investors who believe in Trump.

Win win all around.

Even Trump can show his patriotism and shrewd business savvy by investing in it.

Hair stylist to Marla Maples: No free services in exchange for Inauguration Day exposure

Source: Washington Post

ďYou are messing with the president of the United States,Ē the Maples contact wrote her, adding that Maples was worried about her financial situation with Tiffany out of college, ending child-support payments from the president-elect. ďShe is used to a certain lifestyle and you donít understand that.Ē

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/reliable-source/wp/2017/01/17/hair-stylists-snub-to-marla-maples-no-free-services-in-exchange-for-inauguration-day-exposure/?utm_term=.70434366ce37&wpisrc=nl_p1most-partner-1&wpmm=1

ex-Mrs. Trump expects freebies - entitled
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