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Obviously not.

Or she's just chasing headlines.

Lot's of weak, impotent and failed politicians do that. Sometimes it's disgusting... mostly it's laughable. They invite the scorn and ridicule that's deservedly heaped upon them.

Here's the thing that I was thinking about: The "virtual convention" set a new standard...

... and I believe that future conventions should continue to be virtual. (Or, post-covid, maybe just one FINAL day at a convention center with a big balloon drop.)

And even though there may be post-covid crowds and spectators at future inaugurations... I really like the egalitarian aspect of having a coast-to-coast televised "parade" and a special concert and speakers to end the day.


The Democrats and the Democratic Party have reached NEW HEIGHTS and set a NEW STANDARD for both events!!

Here's the Melania Robot on Tracey Ullman's show...


BONUS VIDEO: Melanie's accent fools auto-closed-captioning. It reads like an episode of "BAD LIP READING".

⭐⭐⭐ Thank you! ⭐⭐⭐

Actually it was made clear and people were saying an additional $1,400.

Here is one example:

This is from December 30, just over two weeks ago.

"But runoff races for Georgia’s two Senate seats — one has been clinched by Democrat Raphael Warnock and Democrat Jon Ossoff holds a lead over Republican David Perdue for the other — are once again rallying congressional Democrats and President-elect Joe Biden around the idea of an additional $1,400 in direct relief, on top of the $600 checks that were included in last month’s stimulus package."

The House bill that had been voted on was to increase the amount to $2,000.
McConnell wouldn't let the Senate vote on that bill.

Biden made the argument that if Warnock and Ossof were elected, then the Senate would vote on that bill and pass it.
⭐⭐⭐ Thank you! ⭐⭐⭐

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer do not need to be lectured by anyone...

... they know what needs to be done. They know what's possible. They know how to count votes. Facts of the matter are these: it's the Biden Administration; it's Biden's agenda; we already know (and voted on) the party's platform and agenda; it's all well known, no secrets were kept, nothing was held-back. This will not be the Bernie-lite administration.

Joe has got this. Trust him and let him do the work that needs to be done. He knows what he's doing. This ain't his first time at the rodeo.

Joe/Kamala or Biden/Harris 2020!!
They're stronger together & can't be bought!!
Jump on the Biden Bandwagon & abandon the revolution!!

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