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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 4,720

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The FBI Can/Should Investigate Witness Tampering in the Kavanaugh Matter

On tonightís Rachel Maddow show, Senator Mazie Hirono, of Hawaii, and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested the FBI investigate witness tampering of Dr. Ford due to the death threats, doxing and other harassment she and her family have received in the Kavanaugh Matter. The FBI does not require a green light from Trump to open an investigation for witness tampering.

How Many 17-Year Olds Have Been Tried as Adults and Served Time in an Adult Prison?

The idea that what someone has done as a 17-year old should be overlooked is hypocritical. Plenty of teens are held accountable every day. It all depends on the teenís financial and social status. The Republican position that Kavanaugh should be given a pass is misogyny at its worst.

Republicans Continue to Push Artificial Deadlines with the Kavanaugh Nomination

Their schedule is entirely arbitrary.

Now that Trump has been Installed in the Presidency, What's Next on Putin's Agenda?

In her excellent interview with Rachel Maddow last evening, Hillary Clinton asked this question. Trump in the White House is not the end but only a step along the way. We need to seriously consider the next phase of Purinís master plan to bring down the United States. Itís not over yet.

Is Brett Kavanaugh a Sexual Predator?

His lies are starting to unravel.

Lying to the FBI is a Crime

Could this be why Republicans donít want the FBI investigating Dr. Fordís allegations? Kavanaugh has already lied under oath during his confirmation hearings.

Once Again, Republicans are Circumventing Due Process in the Kavanaugh Matter

Itís not fair to either party, Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh.

The FBI Needs to Investigate Kavanaugh's Alleged Attempted Rape

Iím surprised Dr. Fordís attorney agreed to let her testify without an FBI investigation.

Is Brett Kavanaugh a Sexual Predator?

He was specifically chosen by Trump (a proud sexual predator) against the wishes of Mitch McConnell. Kavanaugh clerked for Judge Alex Kozinski (another blatant sexual predator). Then there is the letter alleging sexual assault, which could indicate a serious pathology. Kavanaugh has also repeatedly lied under oath during his previous and latest Senate hearings.

Why would the GOP want a likely sexual predator on the Supreme Court? Is it because he would be so easy to blackmail?

Why is the Media Focusing on Collins & Murkowski & Not More Male Senators to Vote Against Kavanaugh

There is some inherent bias in the reporting, as if only women should care about women's issues.
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