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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
January 30, 2024

Is this House changing idea possible?

I’m sure this is probably crazy but hear me out.
To get the House to take a vote on the Border deal, it would need to be brought to the floor by the Speaker, right?
Johnson has said he won’t do that because Trump doesn’t want it but there are plenty of GOP House members that support the deal.
What if the Dems publicly asked that just 4 GOP members switch their party affiliation to Dem for just one day and just for this one vote. The Dems would be in power and could bring about the vote that would go to the Senate where it passes and Biden signs it.

Is this logistically possible? Can House members change affiliation during a term and, if so, could they do it twice?
I know it sounds crazy. 🤪
But I’m just asking for a friend. lol

January 23, 2024

Just for 💩 and giggles, predict the final NH GOP results.

I’m not real sure what I think is better for Biden.
To have Trump wrap it up tonight or for Haley to stay at least thru SCarolina.
Anyway, why don’t we predict tonight’s results.

I’ll go with:
Trump 50%
Haley 43%
Other 7%

Your turn.
Winner gets a warm smilie emoji.

January 22, 2024

Judge Judy thinks Biden needs two daily naps, so he shouldn't be Prez.

Dana Bash on cnn Monday Inside Politics interviewed that “wise politico” Judge Judy who “endorsed” Haley because Trump and Biden are both too old. She says she knows this because she is old and needs a daily nap.
She “thinks” Joe Biden takes two naps per day and that disqualifies him.
Unreal. Of course, no pushback from Dana.

January 19, 2024

Can't decide what I want to see happen in New Hampshire.

Part of me wants Haley to do well and drag this thing out at least through SCarolina with the two of them bashing each other so much that there’s no way they are on the same ticket.
But part of me wants to see it over and for Biden to go ahead and fully focus on Trump.

Where do you stand?

January 15, 2024

I miss Nicole Wallace. Hope she returns soon.

Especially miss her on election coverage.
I think she adopted a baby recently.

January 15, 2024

Best case Iowa scenario

What do you want to see tonight from a pro Biden standpoint?
I think we want both DeSantis and Haley to remain viable at least through SCarolina. I think it divides the GOP a little more that way.
So I’m hoping tonight goes something like:
Trump 50%
DeSantis 26%
Haley 22%
Others. 4%

January 14, 2024

Des Moines Register latest Iowa GOP poll

Can anyone access this?
It’s behind a paywall.
Apparently, Haley has passed DeSantis.

December 18, 2023

How is the 2015 political YOU different from the current YOU.

So in 2015, after you know who descended that escalator, I gave my friends and family that supported him a little bit of a pass for being conned.
But as his Presidency went on, I purposely lost more and more people who support him. Primarily acquaintances.
But when 2020 camearound and people in my life voted for him again, I purposely lost some close friends and put distance between me and some family Trumpers.
Now, for ANYONE that plans to vote for him a third time, I’m prepared to end all pro Trump relationships only keeping in touch with close family members for important family related reasons only.
To me, these are not GOOD PEOPLE.

Anyone else feel the same or has had a similar political journey with
co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family?

November 9, 2023

Mika actually goes after Christie on abortion.

Joe Scarborough was off today.
But his wife , the normally timid “Mika the mouse”, actually played journalist and challenged Chris Christie on his position on 9 month abortions.
It’s worth watching if you can look it up.
Happened at about 7:45am EST on MSNBC.

November 2, 2023

Turn on MSNBC now. Thursday 7:38am EST. DeSantis live on Morning Joe

This should be interesting.

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