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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 8,236

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A question for those that support Sanders or Warren?

If your preferred candidate does not get the nomination, who is your second choice ?

How many Candidates do you want in the September debates?

I have to be honest, Iím only up for one more of these 2 night 20 candidate free for allís next week.
After that, I hope that we have it narrowed down to about the Top 8-10 for September.

Hereís the latest realclearpolitics averages for all of our candidates.

October 7, 1996 is a day we may never overcome.

Tired of the Mueller report analysis, so Iím now watching The Loudest Voice.
Showtime series starring Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes.
Itís about the start of Fox News which launched in 1996.

I believe that The country has been ripped apart by this bastion of right wing propaganda filth.
I just donít know how we can come back from it.

Grading the day. Overall, I give our side a B.

As for effective presentation and questioning and useful results, I think the first session was sort of a wash and I would give it a C.
But the afternoon session was a Home Run especially Schiff. It gets an A.
So the average for the day was a B.
Iíll take it.
Now we subpoena McGahn and insist he testify publicl

Let's play the dropout/endorsement game.

Just to kill a little time until next weeks debates, I thought we could speculate.
Letís say that the current top 5 (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Mayor Pete) remains that way until the voting begins in Iowa.
And letís say that the next 5 donít break 2-3% in polling through November and decide to drop out before Iowa and endorse someone in the Top 5.

Who would these five people endorse: Beto, Booker, Klobuchar, Castro, Gabbard.

My guesses are:
Beto - Pete
Booker - Warren
Klobuchar - Biden
Castro - Harris
Gabbard - Sanders

Bonus points if you want to guess on any of the 1%ers endorsements.
Iíll throw in Gillibrand-Harris.

My open letter to Robert Mueller regarding this Wednesday.

Dear Sir,
I just wanted to drop you a note pursuant to your upcoming Congressional testimony.
I understand why you didnít want to go there.
You believe that your report should speak for itself.
The problem with that is that the vast majority of Americans, and even most members of Congress, just will not and have not taken the time to read 448 pages.

Some may have skimmed the summaries. However, thatís the extent of their knowledge but for one very big IF.
That if was the the statements given by the Attorney General and the subsequent tweets and statements by President Trump.
As you know, they have both claimed that your report was a total exoneration of him.
So that is the impression that most Americans were left with.

Is that what you want?
If not, you have a unique opportunity to set the record straight on Wednesday.
Please just let the American people know what your fact finding mission revealed and any conclusions that you were able to draw.
That is all that the American people want or need from you.
No embellishments. No agenda. Just what you learned.

Thank you,
The American People

The focus groups we really need to see.

I donít care about the people that voted for both Obama and then Trump. If they are considering voting for Trump again, they are either racist, sexist, or insane.

The people I want to hear from are those that voted for Obama but then either voted third party or didnít vote in 2016. I want to know which of our 2020 candidates they would vote for and which would make them stay home again.

Iíd especially like to hear from these type of voters in a focus group in either Milwaukee, Detroit, or Philadelphia. So, those of you with media contacts, please do pass along my request. 👍🏻☝🏿🤲

The 7 most important states in November 2020.

To win the Presidency: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan
To take the Senate: Arizona, Maine, NCarolina, Colorado.

So when you are thinking about where you want to spend your money or doing some volunteer phone banking, please keep these states uppermost in your mind along with your home state.

July Debate 20 names announced by CNN

No link.
Just announced.
Lineup is the same as the last debates except that Gov Bullock replaces Swalwell.

These five are out: Sestak, Steyer, Moulton, Gravel, Messam

The 20 that are in will have their names drawn live on CNN tomorrow night at 8pm eastern for their night and podium positions on stage.

Could Gov Bullock challenge Biden from the center?

I think that, so far, Biden has had the more moderate center-left lane to himself.
I kept thinking that Bennet, Hickenlooper, Booker, or Klobuchar might challenge.
But, so far, none of them have caught fire in the polls.

However, if Bullock is in both the July and September debates, I think he might have a shot.
His whole mantra about winning in a big red Trump State like Montana gives him gravitas.
He speaks very well. No stumbles or himming or hawing.
He doesnít dodge questions.
As far as policy, he seems like a pragmatic center left type to me.
I look forward to hearing more from him.

As for our left flank, I think either Warren or Harris will survive.
Bernie will hang in there until the convention, but many of his supporters will fall off and drift to Warren or Harris (and a few to Pete).

If I were a betting man, Iíd say after Super Tuesday we would have a Biden/Warren two person showdown thru the June primaries.
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