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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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24/7 news cycle created Trump and just might elect him

All thinking members of the media from the executive producers, line producers, writers, editors, anchors, reporters, on down know that Trump is supremely unqualified to be Prez.
But, if they just flat out said this, what more would be needed to say.
So, they can't and/or won't say this.

Because every day they have to keep feeding the 24 hour, seven days a week news cycle beast with new material. So, keep finding more stories on him whether they be pro or con. But, never say any of the awful things he's done or says be considered disqualifying.
And, as a result, just keep giving him constant free air time negating the need for him to buy much air time.

Yes, they created him and allowed him to win the nomination.
Now, they might do the once previously thought unthinkable and give him the most important job in the world.
They will continue to go with the "false equivalency" narrative of two EQUALLY bad choices.
Even though they know that, even on her worst day or even with her worst fault, trait, or errors that she is eminently more qualified and suited by every metric for the job.

But, their biggest and most important goal is a tight race. That's all that matters
They hope the false equivalency way to cover it will give them their close horse race and keep readers, listeners, and viewers with them all the way thru election night when the polls close on the west coast.

And, if Trump wins, I would bet that eventually many of them will privately weep when they are home alone and realize the role that they played in allowing the greatest con job ever perpetuated on the American people. Hopefully, they won't be crying while watching a mushroom cloud heading to take us all down with them.

I'd be ok with both candidates releasing everything.

Let's say Hillary releases all:
Transcripts of bank speeches
Medical records
Meetings with Clinton Foundation donors
Any unreleased still avail emails from private server.

Trump releases:
All medical records with his voodoo gastroenterologist.
All tax returns from last twenty years.
All phone conversation transcripts or dates of meetings or phone calls with foreign governments.

Yes, Hillary might be releasing some embarrassing and possibly damaging information.
But, I'd bet anything that Trumps information would be disqualifying not just embarrassing.

IMHO, it is worth her calling his bluff if he insists on all her medical records.

Could Weld now lead the Lib ticket?

Should the Libertarian party, such as it organizationally, want to dump Johnson, do they have time?
Could the ballots in most states be re-written if they moved up Bill Weld to Prez nominee and added a new veep?

Here comes crazy Gary on Msnbc

Now7:45 am eastern...Libertarian...semi nut job...Gary Johnson up next for those interested.

Good Lord, total ambush

From the start, she's being treated like a hostile witness on trial.
Matt Lauer sucks.

Morning Joe safe to watch today

Joe has day off.
Mika going after Bondi Trump story.

Will one bad decision by Hillary doom us all

Using a private email server...it's all the have...
But maybe all they need.

Every idiotic statement, devision. Lie, etc that trump makes is met by the media with a false equivalency to her emails....as if it somehow balances her and Trumps readiness and competence for the job.

We all know that is insanity.
But, that's what they have used to make this the horse race they so dearly want.
I am going to throw up now.

What issues other than immigration and trade

Does Trump ever talk about or care about?
Has he even issued any policy positions on his web site?

Why don't reporters EVER ask him for positions on anything else other than immigration?

Just imagine if Keith Olberman still

had a show.
What fun would he be having with Trump.
It's such a shame that Keith's great talent is often overshadowed by his inability to get along with his co-workers.

Mitt Romneys Big Decision

I've really been watching this situation fairly closely.
Been reading Utah papers.
Apparently, there is a lot of pressure on Romney to endorse the new guy, McMormon (sp?) or the Libertarian ticket.
Romney has said that if Weld were the Prez nominee, his decision would be easy.
He knows and really likes Weld. He's not so enamored with Gary Johnson.
One thing is certain. Romney loathes Trump and despises Clinton. So, neither of them are getting his magic underpants seal of approval.

Be VERY interesting to see what he does or if he just sits it out....like the Bushs are doing.
The clock is ticking , Mr.47%.....68 days and counting.
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