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AZ8theist's Journal
AZ8theist's Journal
December 5, 2021

The survival of our democracy depends on the SC overturning Roe v Wade.

My take:

We've had 50 years, multiple generations of citizens who grew up and lived in a society where women had control over their own persons. Perhaps taken for granted. I know my adult daughter has taken it for granted.
Women had the final say in control of their own bodies. Multiple generations became adults knowing this....

Now, in 2022, our culture needs to be "WOKE" to the reality that the right to abortion is now gone. Generations of young adults will come to realize what they THOUGHT was a given, is now GONE.

MILLIONS of Americans will hopefully...FINALLY realize what voting for Republicans has brought to society.
Voting for Republicans MOVES THE SOCIETY BACKWARDS. ALL Rights will be curtailed, not just abortion. There will be nothing to stop the right wing from making contraception illegal. Nothing will stop the right from rolling back marriage equality.

The right is already burning books and exploring repealing child-labor laws. How long until someone from the right wants to repeal a womans right to vote? Think it's far-fetched? Read about the rise and fall of the Third Reich. You think the "Handmaid Tale" is fiction? Think again....

The only thing that will save our democracy is the SC overturning Roe v Wade, and MILLIONS of "woke" Americans voting DEMOCRATIC in November 2022. Otherwise, all is lost.

( I fully expect all kinds of blow-back regarding MY OPINION, and I don't care. It's MY OPINION, and we all know about opinions.)

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