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Chadwick Boseman Dies at 43

Source: Vanity Fair

Devastatingly, and almost unbelievably, Chadwick Boseman, the star of Marvel’s Black Panther, has died at the age of 43 after a private four-year battle with colon cancer.

Despite a life cut tragically short, Boseman amassed a tremendous filmography. His legacy might be summed up in one word: Pride. In addition to the fictional T'Challa, leader of utopian nation of Wakanda in the Marvel movies, he was known for his powerful, dignified, and humanizing portrayals of pioneering Black American leaders such as baseball great Jackie Robinson in 42; future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in the legal drama Marshall, about one of his early cases as an NAACP attorney; and soul star James Brown in the musical biography Get On Up.

Read more: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/08/chadwick-boseman-dies-black-panther

Terrible news.

'You Think Russia Ever Goes In and Gets Ukraine, or No?': The Wildest Things Trump Said...

Source: Vice News

WASHINGTON — President Trump was even more blunt, crass, and unfiltered during a private dinner in 2018 at the Trump Hotel than he normally is in public.

While the big standout of the meal was his demand to fire the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, his transactional approach to geopolitics, total lack of concern for helping America’s international allies, and openness to letting businessmen convince him to back specific policies that’d benefit them illustrates just how the leader of the free world operates behind closed doors.

Read more: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/g5xv7j/you-think-russia-ever-goes-in-and-gets-ukraine-or-no-the-wildest-things-trump-said-at-a-private-2018-dinner-revealed

Trump has never met Lev Parnas yet he talks to him a number of times during the dinner about Ukraine (including specifically about Marie Yovanovitch)and the marijuana industry. He is representing a few small interests at our expense. I'm sure we, as taxpayers, paid for that dinner.

Severe childhood deprivation reduces brain size, study finds

Children who experience severe deprivation early in life have smaller brains in adulthood, researchers have found.

The findings are based on scans of young adults who were adopted as children into UK families from Romania’s orphanages that rose under the regime of the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.

Now experts say that despite the children having been adopted into loving, nurturing families in the early 1990s, the early neglect appears to have left its mark on their brain structures.

“I think the most striking finding is … that the effects on the brain have persisted,” said Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke, a co-author of the study from King’s College London, who added that the results showed neuroplasticity had limits.


And the U.S. is doing the same thing to immigrant children.

'If You Are Wondering Who Benefits':

Weapons Makers See Stocks Surge as Trump Moves Closer to War With Iran
"Stocks for weapons manufacturers began to rise as soon as Soleimani was killed," said Rep. Ro Khanna.


Weapons makers, oil producers... the worst for the planet in every single way that matters.

From Josh Jordan on Twitter: "This Donald Trump video on Iran..."

"This Donald Trump video on Iran is going to rip a hole right through the space/time continuum."


Jesus Cristo.
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