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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
March 31, 2019

Just Changed My Preference from Undecided to Joe Biden

To be honest? Joe Biden has always been at the top of my list because I think he gives us the best chance of knocking the Trumpster and his enablers out of orbit.

Why now?

The incoming political attacks from the Left & the Right which only underscores the threat that a Biden presidential run really represents to other candidates but more importantly to Trumplandia. Of course, I could change my mind; there are several other candidates I could easily support. But none with the knockdown power of a Joe Biden.

So for now? Joey B and his extensive experience in domestic and foreign policy is my main guy.

Biden 2020!

March 19, 2019

Beto O'Rourke jumps into New Hampshire, All Jets Fired

Whether you're convinced that Beto O'Rourke is the real deal or not, I find this pretty damn amazing. The next 48 hours? O'Rourke is planning to blast through every county in the state.

There's energy and then there's Beto Energy. Whoosh!


March 5, 2019

What Ilhan Omar Actually said

Not sure if anyone posted this or not but I found the read fascinating after the brouhaha going on about Omar's recent antisemitic comments. Accusing her of reviving old tropes of 'divided loyalties' seems a stretch for me, particularly since she equated that sentiment to her own family's affection for Somalia. Even though they have no family left there.

The main trope I picked up was the unequal emphasis given to the suffering of Palestinians. And why, she asks, can we question the lobbying efforts of corporations, Pharma, the NRA and not talk about an equally powerful lobbying group representing Israel that is influencing our national policy?

I think that's a reasonable question. But it's been marked absolutely taboo by an overall consensus.

That being said, I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim. Irish Catholic here, a woman who has an affection for Ireland. Been there, loved it but have no family that I know of still residing in the country. Does that make me anti-English? I'll confess that's not a question you'd ever pose to my grandmother who--if you had listened to her--would sound as if she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Michael Collins.

The point is I expected something profoundly offensive in Omar's comments. I was genuinely surprised when I didn't find them because the criticism has been so heated. I've put the link below. See what you think.


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