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Profile Information

Name: Nanci
Gender: Female
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Home country: United States
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 4,904

About Me

I've been a member of DU since the very beginning....after that horrible fiasco - the sElection of 2000. My first user name was Lindsey, then I changed it to Nirvana555, and now it's Upthevibe. I had devices crash and I ended up having to change my user name. I've never been one to make a whole lot of original posts, but I consider myself a very active member in that I come to DU almost every day and read the wonderfully informative threads. I can't imagine what life would have been like over the past two decades without DU!

Journal Archives

Why don't any of the wealthy Progressives

buy some radio stations? Here in Los Angeles, we lost Stephanie Miller and others (including Randi Rhodes) several years ago. It was 1150 on the a.m. dial and now it's called "Patriot Radio" with the worse of the right (Limbaugh, Hannit). We also lost a really good rock station called The Sound (100.3 f.m.) to some Christian outfit. Does anyone have any input or ideas on why someone like a Tom Steyer - (the guy who buys ads on MSNBC in support of impeaching dt) doesn't buy some stations? Also, is there a link that someone could post regarding exactly how we lost The Fairness Doctrine? I have a friend who blames Clinton (and she's a Dem.), and I don't know enough about what happened to say it wasn't Clinton....Thanks to anyone who can give me some feedback..

Does anyone know how I can get help with Unclaimed Assets?

....long story short....My Grandmother had some liquidated stock shares and an old life insurance police that my Sister and I found out about on this website, Unclaimed Property. It seems so complicated (in terms of paperwork) to access this money (It's not a whole lot but it would really come in handy). Does anyone know where I can get some help with this? I think there are some companies that help and charge 10% which we'd be happy to pay. Any suggestions? Thank you...

Getting ready to watch Wild Wild Country

on Netflix. It got great ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and I've been wanting to binge...


I read on several websites last week that dt has lifted that ban again. However, no one's talking about it. I'm trying to confirm if this is true. I've called a couple of places (PETA, World Animal Protection) but have been given voice mails and the run-around. Do any of you guys have any information about this? Thanks for your feedback....

Cat video (It's not what you think)...

dt has lifted elephant hunting ban again....


Thank you to the cast of T.V.'s Modern Family.....

Marco Rubio speaking now....

on the floor of The Senate and talking about school shootings...

Does anyone here on DU have a list of the Corporate Sponsors

who haven't broken with the NRA? I'm going to make some phone calls tomorrow. If there's not a list already, I'll start one now:

FedEx - 1-800-463-3339

Is someone who was born in Canada to parents who are U.S. Citizens

eligible to run for President here in the U.S.? We're watching Rachel (delayed) interview Sean Patrick Maloney (who's a Representative from New York and who worked in The Clinton Administration) and we like him. I googled it but it looked kind of complicated....
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