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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Singer /Musician

Journal Archives

This election is more important than ever

,,,Don't be on the fence

We Can Work It Out

when all is said,by all running,and the dust clears,there is one person that will bring us all back together.
Tomorrow never knows,but with Joe our future,looks brighter.


This is at risk,folks
We all need to get serious,with this election.
Put your trust in Joe,it's our only hope for the future.

Good Morning America

Tuesday on G.M.A.,,,Joe & Jill Biden

We can have this experience again,,with Joe Biden

" Help " We Need Somebody,Not Just Anybody

Now, with Joe Biden,,,help is on the way,c,mon people let's get behind a great guy

It is snowing on my flamingos

What a cruel trick to play,after all my summer stuff was put out
living in michigan,what else is new

Back in the 1950 S

There was this western on tv,,,forgot the name.
In one show,it had a self proclaimed rich guy ride in stating he had a storm prevention device to protect the town.
Well,after taking in a ton of money,local law discovered it was all fake and arrested this dude,returned all the money and ran him off.
his name on the show,was walter trump
Now,they got rid of their trump,so can we all with Joe Biden,,,Just Sayin'

Our Working Class Hero

Joe Biden is one
of our own....

President Joe Biden

Has a nice sound to it,,,right ??
We especially in west Michigan will get behind Him in the race,there is no other to bring us back to sanity
Go Mr. Biden
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